Exclusive Dating: Ten Ways to know if you are Exclusive

The question every man or woman starts asking after they have  has been dating a their significant other for a while, “what are we?” Are we exclusive? In modern times exclusive dating isnt as easy at it was in the olden days.

We all want to know that we are someone’s one and only and that the decision to move out of the grey area surrounding dating is a mutual decision.

How do you know that you are out of the grey and into the rainbow, how do you know you are exclusively dating?

How to know if you are dating exclusivley

How to know if you are dating exclusivley

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 1: We, We, We, We All the Way Home
As soon as your significant other starts using the word ‘we’ to refer to the two of you and the plans you have made eg. ‘We should go to this concert?’, ‘we might be busy next weekend’ you know it’s no longer you and I it’s we.

You are now an integral part of this thought process, a key indicator that your significant other is thinking about you and not dating someone else.

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 2. You know Labels
A public acknowledgment of your relationship through labels such as Boyfriend and Girlfriend are a definite indicator that you are now dating exclusively. No man is going to introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend if he is seeing other women and vice versa.

A reluctance to do this should set off warning bells in your head. As much as we, successful women, detest being labelled, when it comes to the girlfriend tag it should be worn with pride and the same goes for him.

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 3. No More Online Fishing
As soon as those online dating profiles come down you know the fishing expedition is over. He has realised that there isn’t another fish in the sea quite like you and because of this he has stopped looking.

He’s taken down his online dating profile, blown out the flame of tinder and told his matchmaker to work their magic on another poor single, he is off the market. As soon as you have both done this you can rest assured that he is only thinking of you.

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 4. In Sickness and In Health
There is nothing quite like having someone take care of you when you are under the weather.

Bringing you soup, downloading your favourite movies and restocking the tissues, if you are both willing to take the time out of your lives to look after the other and, more importantly, want to look after each other then you know you are living in exclusive dating land. You are each other’s first priority and you are willing to dedicate your time to them.

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 5. The Drawer
The more time you spend at someone’s house the more things you will accumulate there, a toothbrush, deodorant, some spare clothes, makeup removal wipes, carrying these things around becomes cumbersome and annoying.

When you can comfortably leave things at his place, little reminders of your presence, you know he thinks of you as his girlfriend. This works both ways, letting him know he has room at your house also lets him know he has room in your life. You are both willing to make space for the other.

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 6. Bring on the PDAs
From holding hands to spontaneous footpath make out sessions, if your man is uncomfortable or unwilling to show affection to you publicly you have a problem.

A reluctance to participate in PDAs is generally due to the fact that he is seeing other people and does not want to risk running into friends, family or other ladies he is dating. Not everyone is comfortable with getting all frisky on the street but a little bit of hand holding never killed any body and if he squirms at the thought then it’s time to work out why.

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 7. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day
Special occasions are great and should be shared. As soon as you are both regularly part of each other’s lives and your presence on special occasions is automatically expected then you can start thinking of yourselves as exclusive. T

he expectation that you are both going to be there for significant celebrations and landmark events is an indicator of your significance to one another and a desire for you both to be in each other’s special memories.

Exclusive Dating tip Number 8. Look to the Future
Planning for the future is not only really fun but it also demonstrates an understanding that you will both be together in the future.

Booking holidays, purchasing tickets and accepting invitations are all big indicators of a future together, a future of just the two of you. You might be taking a risk by booking a holiday but you are also demonstrating your faith in the longevity of your relationship.

Exclusive Dating tip Number 9. The Key to a Significant Other’s Heart
The key to a man heart might be through his stomach but once you get one to his apartment you know you are a permanent fixture same goes for women.

By giving each other a key you may be giving away a little bit of you freedom and a little bit of your privacy however what you gaining is a deeper trust and more intimate connection.

You are sending the message that you are comfortable around your partner and you have nothing to hide. A man who gives you his key isn’t seeing other women, if you have swapped keys you are dating exclusively.

Exclusive Dating Tip Number 10. Three Little Words
The most obvious and direct way of professing your exclusivity is in professing your love.

It is true that some people will say ‘I love you’ for the purposes of sex or with more carnal motivations however when you know it is genuine you know you can lock it down.

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