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First Date Guide: Stepping Out On A First Date.

First dates can either be as dreamy as a storybook or as frightful as a trip to the dentist! So what are the best moves to make sure the night doesn’t go south? Here are some top tips from experts in the world of date coaching in Sydney:

First Date guide

First Date guide

When it comes to conversation, come prepared.
Try to remember how it felt like when you’re taking a test you did not study for. That’s comparable to going on a date without thinking of conversation topics beforehand.
Remember: the most natural acts are the ones which are rigorously prepared. Just think of comedians who spend years perfecting their bits. Practice your best anecdotes and conversation topics with friends and family to appear free and natural on your first date. It’s all about making an amazing first impression, and connecting with your date. Make it all about them, make it easy and fun!

Dinner is not the only option.
Going on a dinner on the first date seems like a safe choice but it’s also boring and predictable. You and your date might prefer doing something else other than the talk and chew. Go ahead and plan fun, interactive, and possibly childlike, activities for your first date. Find out what they really love doing, whether it be bike riding, a picnic, visiting a gallery, or pretending to be a tourist in your own home. Whatever it be, dare to be different and you’ll truly stand out.

Talk about the elephant in the room.
Don’t ignore the awkward moments which may happen during your date especially when they keep presenting themselves. Ignoring the big things may only create tension. Feel free to talk about how nervous you both seem to be. Break the ice and warm up to each other. Laugh it off, you’d be surprised how this can ignite chemistry and bring you closer. No one is an expert when it comes to first dates, being able to talk about the elephant in the room shows you are comfortable in your own skin.

So how easy it is to make a first impression on a first date? Its a case of easier said than done. Today there are more failed first dates then ever before, its almost like a people are going on a shopping spree. With this trend it is vital you capture your dates attention and ignite attraction to seal the deal for a second date. If you’d like to be an absolute stand out and have the upper hand, you need to be equip with the latest knowledge and skills. Date coaching is an art and there are many more things to learn to help keep your first date exciting. Get in touch with a relationship expert with Blue Label Life today and unlock the fun side of you and ensure your date can’t get enough of you!

One thought on “First Date Guide: Stepping Out On A First Date.

  1. May 15, 2014 at 3:12 pm, Michael Rothschild said:

    I am taking a lady out for a second date on Saturday night and I am a male of 59 and been divorced after a 26 year married and I keep messing up these dates and really sure why, maybe I drink a bit too much or focus on the desired sexually activity, knowing both destroy. I also have no idea where to take her wanting to give her a great evening but am limited to the spend. More than likely i will cancel as I always do. Any suggestions, besides seeing a shrink.

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