Have you found yourself dating a man who is unavailable or won’t commit? This is WHY.

Why date an unavailable man and one who isn’t committed to you? You will only do this if you feel you do not deserve to be a priority. So you have to say to yourself that it’s my turn, and I deserve to be with a man I am proud of and proud of me. I deserve to feel looked after and secure in our relationship, and I deserve to be a priority and to feel good about myself and the relationship.

You have to say to yourself that you deserve to feel valued, and I deserve to feel appreciated, and we focus on these feelings and not the man. So it would help to concentrate on how you feel in this relationship and the connection where you feel safe and reassured.

If you are dating a man that’s not committed, it could also be that you are not committed to yourself or find it challenging to commit to yourself. So the first step to dealing with this is to put yourself first and put what you want out of the relationship first. Next, you must take the focus off the man and put the spotlight back on yourself. Finally, you want to feel safe, secure and looked after.

When dating a man committed to you, you don’t even question whether or not they are committed to you. You never question if they are available or not. So the minute you don’t feel like a priority, move your attention away and focus on something else. Something that feels good and lifts you up. Or, put it towards another man because you deserve to be with a man that’s proud of you and who you’re proud of. This is the most important thing for you to remember. So sit back in your heart and appreciate the men that come towards you and move your attention away the minute you don’t feel like a priority. Move it to something positive, and always be open-minded about meeting a new person and having them in your life.

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