How Can Attraction Be Linked To Color?

In the animal kingdom, colorful birds make use of their plumage to attract potential mates. Their display of different layers, patterns, and color of their feathers enhances their appearance, making them more appealing and enticing to other birds. Although the idea may be absurd when applied to humans, the principle of color and attraction remains still— certain colors evoke certain emotions. rainbow

There is psychology in color. At least that’s what most researchers say. According to a series of studies conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester, simply wearing the color red makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women. In fact, the lead author of the study Andrew Elliot, a professor of psychology, found that women view men in red as higher in status and this judgment leads to attraction. This human behavior has been associated to its biological roots among non-human primates where red is an indicator of male dominance and is expressed most intensely in alpha males.

We oftentimes associate colors with plenty of meanings and use them to evoke certain emotions and feelings within ourselves and the people around us. Colors have the capacity to affect our moods, whether to inspire, energize, depress, or calm.

Colors and Dating

 The way you look apart from how you behave can somehow set the mood of your dating experience. Here are the association between the color of what you wear and what message it may convey to your date.

Red. There is a reason why this color is associated with Valentine’s Day a lot— it conveys passion and romance. Red is experienced as an attraction booster by both sexes. If you are wearing red, you will be more likely to be rated as more attractive and receive more attention from your date.

What is says: “I’m here!”

Orange. Like red, orange can also be attention-grabbing but in a subtler way. Not a lot of people can pull this off; however, if worn well, represents aspiration at its best. It also plays a role in attraction but may convey that you have unbridled passion. It helps put you in a positive, energetic mood.

What it says: “I am passionate about you and I’m not stopping anytime soon.”

Yellow. This is the color of will, intuition, and wisdom. The fallback of this color is that it’s not the greatest indicator of romance. It can be read as being self-centered and yellow roses have been ascribed to signifying friendship.

What it says: “I’m smart and I might like you… as a friend.”

Green. Whichever shade you choose, may it be bright or earthy, the color green is all about energy, life, and growth. You will be recognized as a nice person with a youthful outlook on life.

What it says: “I’m a nice person and I love living life.”

Blue. It’s perfect for many on dates. It is also the color of truth and intellect, which may convey the message that you would want to get to know each other first. Being the opposite of red, it has a calming and relaxing effect; it can also be downright considered cold and depressing. In the professional world it may translate to loyalty.

What it says: “I like to be understood.”

Purple. Always associated with royalty and success, it also inspires romance and coyness. Purple is like the flirty and classy cousin of red. The color makes you look like an imaginative romantic.

What it says: “Come hither.”

Black. The opposite of white, black is commonly known to represent the unknown and the mysterious. Every woman should have a little black dress they say, and truly this color is flattering on most. Black isn’t just for funerals— it can also mean that you are alluring and a little dangerous.

What it says: “I am an enigma.”

White. Being reflective of light, white is known as a display of purity, spirituality, and silence. You may appear as clean and orderly, but you may want to break the silence a little bit as well.

What it says: “I’m quiet and fragile.”

Pink. A true girl’s favorite color, pink is also associated with romance and happiness. It can both have a calming effect or give you a boost of energy.

What it says: “I am fun!”

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