How Can You Make Someone Attracted To You Instantly?

Well, the truth is, you have to realize that you can’t just “make” a person attracted to you.

Either they will be attracted out of their own volition, or they won’t be.

You have to acknowledge the fact that you’re not “making” them attracted to you, rather you’re attempting to increase your chances with another person by making yourself more interesting and captivating to him/her. Here are a few tips to achieve just that.

  1. Look your best. We use our sense of sight plenty— it is assaulted by stimuli all throughout the day. Take advantage of this by presenting yourself in the best way possible, yet you don’t lose the true essence of who you are. The way you dress essentially carries the perception of who you are. Although your clothes may not necessarily define you, they do express your personality. The way you look helps other people decide whether they might like you or not.
  2. Smell your best. One goal of attraction is to keep the other person’s presence within your sphere for a long time. Smelling good, but not overpowering, helps trigger the senses and makes the social process of dating an enjoyable experience. It also translates to the level of attention you give to your hygiene, a trait which has always been highly regarded as important, especially among women.
  3. Exude confidence. People are naturally drawn to those who emanate positive energy. You have to have a certain level of confidence to attract the opposite sex. On the other hand, being miserable and overly bashful is unattractive. It shows your level of maturity in dealing with social situations. Besides, attraction is all about drawing attention. How can you achieve that by being a fly on the wall?
  4. Manners matter. Good behaviour puts you in a good light and lets people think well of you. Showing good manners and etiquette becomes attractive because it shows you have been an educated, mature, and functioning member of society. It makes you appear like a good catch.
  5. Body language. Body language according to Wikipedia is the way you carry yourself is an extension of who you are. You may not utter a single word, but the way your body moves has a language all by itself. Keep an open stance to give the impression of being welcoming. Keep your eye contact with the other person so you can captivate their attention.

There are so many other points to consider to make yourself attractive but these are just a few to get you going on your first or second date.

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