How To Be A Stand Out First Date?

Where you go on a first date is crucial.

It can make or break your date and mean the difference between getting that second date or going on that round of about of date 1 wonders. So polish up your dating skills, make a good impression and capture your date’s interest.

first date tipsThe venue should stimulate conversation between you and your date to help increase your chances of success but in a world where dating means going out for dinner and watching a movie, are there places that cater to the single, professional dating scene?

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Of course, there are! Here are some fun, interactive first date ideas other than dinner and a movie:

Trade two legs for two wheels. When the weather is perfectly warm, take a bike ride outside the city, near the beach or one of our beautiful parks. Add some extra spice and fun by hiring a tandem bike, now this is rocking out the retro seventies! You can also pack a picnic basket and eat al fresco, coupled with a bottle of wine!

Do you have a game? You can bring out each other’s enjoyable, competitive side by going to an arcade, boardwalk or fair and have your very own gaming Olympics! The winner will then bring home a prize bought with your combined tickets. Being playful is considered one of the most attractive qualities and is the perfect environment to ignite chemistry!

Explore your own city. Pick a landmark in or outside of your city that both of you have never been to and then spend the afternoon exploring every corner. Afterwards, you can head to the gift shop and buy something to remember the fun day you had.

It’s a dog’s world. If you’re both into dogs, take your pets to the park or if you don’t have animals volunteer at a dog shelter.  Thanks to the friendly energy your dogs will bring, you and your date can relax and just spend a carefree afternoon together.

There are plenty more first date ideas you can try and dating agencies are here to guide you through your journey of finding the right one!

The greatest tip of all to be a stand out the first date is to have fun together, couples that play together stay together.


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