How To Date When You Want To Have Kids

How To Date When You Want To Have Kids

How To Date When You Want To Have Kids

Family is where life begins and love never ends, and having one is a priceless treasure. In your journey towards love and partnership, you begin to strongly desire to start a family or at least most women do. You dream to have kids of your own, when you are so ready to become a mother, the critical question is, is your significant other ready to handle such life-changing and challenging role? You can learn How To date when you want to have kids.

While some men and women admittedly don’t want kids, some envision themselves as parents. And you don’t just usually go on dates without thinking of a better future together. You find love with the hopes of having a serious and lasting relationship with a person you hope to start a family with.

Building a family together and wanting to have kids are complex topics which need thorough discussion. For someone who may not be ready for this kind of responsibility, the idea can be scary. So how do you communicate it to your partner? How do you let your date know that won’t send him running and screaming out the door?

How to Communicate Your Desire to Have Kids

Communicating your desire to have a kid needs proper timing. It has no place during first nor second date conversations. But there must be something with your date which made you want him in the first place. Is he the guy you hope to be with? To start a family with? As time goes by, you start to ask questions that only you can answer. You have to assess and be sure that you want this man to be the father of your children. If you are certain about him then be confident in telling him your desire of wanting to have kids.

Choose the Right Timing

Timing is relevant, choose to tell him when you are both relaxed and ready for a serious conversation. Keep in mind that it’s important to relay it in a way that he doesn’t feel forced into a decision and that it will still be his choice. Tell him directly, loud and clear: “I feel I am ready to become a mother.” But always be ready for the outcome, be prepared for his reaction. He can either accept or reject the idea. Be open and gently ask for reasons. If he is not ready, it is better that you give him time to think about it. You may be hurt with his answer but be calm. You don’t want to rush and force him into something because it will only be disastrous.

Talk about it, you both have to assess your situation, are you financially, emotionally and mentally ready for the responsibility? You have to understand that having a baby is a big step that will change your relationship as a couple. A lot can happen, a lot can change.

Accept the Decision

After some time, you have to accept what he has decided. If he runs, then he’s doing you a favor, open your door to someone else. Your goals aren’t heading in the same direction and it is vital in any relationship to be heading in the same direction especially when it comes to procreation and family. It can mean he is not the right man for you.

How to date when you want to have kids? Be upfront and honest and don’t compromise.

The right man will want to have you as her lifetime partner and will want you to become the mother of his children.

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