How To Decode Body Language & Flirting Signals

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s really going on inside your dates mind? Or to know if they are super into you and holding back and playing it cool, or heaven forbid just not that into you?

Well you can.

Body language equates to 55% of communication when you compare it to words equating to only 7%, is good news for you, because you are about to learn the secret art of decoding body language. Now this is really powerful stuff. Communicating without saying a word. Imagine mastering the art of decoding body language, so that you could influence people in many ways.

Master the secrets to decode body language on a date

Master the secrets to decode body language on a date

Ok let’s great started, if you’re like me I know your eager to know more.

As you know when you’re on a date, it can be hard to know if the other person is into you. All the small talk and niceties, you sit back and if you’re like me have a whole lot of chatting going inside your head, which can really take away from the connection. You’re stuck in your head vs being in your heart.

When you are in your heart all the magic happens.

Learning these simple signs to look out for can for so that you can decode body language and  can tell if he or she likes you will give you the peace of mind and headspace to flirt and create a genuine connection. Now that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

This is obviously good news for those of you, who want to get an idea of what your date really thinks about you. Because let’s face it, being in the dark and not having a clue just doesn’t feel good.

So whenever you’re out with someone and want to find out if they’re attracted to you, the following are great signs to watch out for:

No. 1 – The Stance
The body has a funny way of moving on its own, especially the feet. When a person is feeling some kind of attraction or interest in whoever he or she is talking to, you’ll notice a natural tendency for them to move their feet (or legs) toward you.

It’s kind of like saying in a very subtle way, “I want us to be closer.” Take note that your own body isn’t an exception to this, so if you aren’t sure whether or not you really like your date, maybe studying your own feet will enlighten you on what your true feelings are.

Feet pointing towards a person is a sign of attraction.

No. 2 – The Eyes
This one won’t seem obvious, but frequent blinking is a fantastic indicator of interest. It means your presence makes them feel nervous somehow, and it’s safe to say that people are always a little nervous when they’re around someone they want to impress.

Another sign of interest is when your date’s pupils are dilated. Dilated pupils is a uncontrollable train response that happens when a person is feeling attraction. That is why restaurants have dim lighting to increase the romantic atmosphere. Makes sense doesn’t it?

No. 3 – The Reach
Not sure if your date is into you? Sometimes the answer to this question lies in the hands. You can tell when someone is developing feelings of affection toward you because their hands seem to “reach out”, as if wanting to touch you and find out if you’re the real thing. And you’ll know that the whole date has probably taken a turn for the worst when they conceal their hands or otherwise sit on them.

No. 4 – The Mimic
A date who’s into you is very likely to adjust his body movement to match yours. Don’t be surprised to see them “mirroring” your gestures, voice inflections, and sitting/standing position. If they start shrugging the way you do, or change their talking speed to match yours, chances are you’ll be getting a call asking for a second date.
Mimicking and matching you is a true sign of attraction, it is ultimate rapport, and you can test it by touching your hair or a part of your body and see if they do the same. In most cases they will follow your lead.

No. 5 – The Distance
Close proximity is perhaps the most accurate indicator of interest that tells you precisely just how swept away your date is by you. It’s a subconscious body movement that says “I want us to be more intimate”, even though his words may not really reveal much of what he’s feeling.

So if you find your date always wanting to stand or sit next to you, and most importantly lean into you there’s a very good chance there is romantic interest.

No. 6 – The Face
Raised eyebrows. People tend to use this subconscious expression to help open their eyes when they like what they see, it means they are interested in whatever you are saying and interested in you.

Licking lips is an indication of attraction. When you’re attracted to someone, your mouth produces extra saliva, as a result you can’t help but lick your lips or press them together.

Whole face smile. This includes smiling eyes, the forehead lifting showing teeth. With a real smile the whole face gets involved.

So there you have it, a few simple signs to look out for to decode body language.

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