How To Win Over His Friends and Keep Your Man!

Meeting your man’s friends for the first time can be both tricky and nerve wrecking.

Friends can strongly influence your relationship and it can help or hinder your connection and the longevity and commitment your man wants to take. That’s why it is vital you make a good impression for smooth sailing

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Step 1: Win His Friends Over by Being Genuine.
Make a sincere effort to get to know them, men are very good at detecting whether you are genuine. If you genuine take the time to get to know them they will appreciate that.

Men are very logical and aren’t in touch with their feelings as much as women so if you are genuine, this makes them feel good.

When a man feels good he will like you and want to get to know you more. Just like you make your boyfriend feel good, it’s important to make his friends feel good.

Step 2: Win His Friends Over By Being down to earth.
One of the most common qualities I hear men say they are looking for in a woman is being down to earth.

Men love it when a woman is relaxed, real, and not to fussed about her hair makeup and outfit. Men love it when you can laugh at simple things and even enjoy a calorie ridden meal or the occasional beer.

Being down to earth gives off a relaxed vibe, it will put them at ease and your relationship will be seen as drama free. A huge win for men. They prefer to avoid drama.

Step 3: Win His Friends Over By Being Fun!
Smile, laugh, crack a joke, and enjoy the moment. Be playful, guys love it when they seem a girl smile who can have a good time.

It shows you are comfortable in your own skin and puts others at ease. If his friends feel like they can have fun around you and enjoy your company you will get the tick of approval.

Step 4: Win His Friends Over By Being Their Friend!
Ask genuine questions to get to know them. Use their names regularly, offer to set up the single ones with your friends. Never monopolize him and let them know you are ok to share him.

Do what friends do offer to buy them a drink, talk some boy talk, which might mean sport, something analytical or you may just end up giving them dating advice. Whatever it is be their friend and you will win over his friends in a heartbeat.

Step 5: Win His Friends Over By Being Good To Your Man.
Your boyfriend’s friends want to know your will treat their friend well. They want to see their friend happy. Be interested and affectionate to your boyfriend, speak positively about him and highlight what you really like about him. Best to avoid sarcasm and nit picking, even joking at his expense. It won’t go down well at all.
So there you have, the secret’s to win his friends over. Go and implement. I’d love to know how things go for you!

Until next time.
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