Why Intelligent Men Marry Intelligent Women

For years there was a popular belief men were intimidated by intelligent women. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Intelligent men could easily marry women who are not as smart as they giving them more power and control in the relationship. Sounds like an easy run, however in the long-term not so.

So why do intelligent men marry women who are intelligent as well? Intelligent women
The answer is simply because a marriage with such a power imbalance isn’t going to work – at least not for intelligent men. Successful intelligent men need a challenge. They need an equal. A woman who is understand him and pushes his boundaries and supports his decisions.

Here are the top 5 Reasons Intelligent Men Marry Intelligent Women.

1. Meaningful Conversations
Intelligent men want meaning conversations. Intelligent men can’t tolerate a meaningless conversations.
With intelligent women, intelligent men can talk about things that matter to them, and they get the desired meaningful responses. They have the same level of understanding and most probably the same interests, so they’ll have a lot to talk about. The conversation is more natural.

2.Mind Stimulation
The worst thing for intelligent people both men and women is for their mind to grow stagnant. With a less intelligent wife, the intelligent man wouldn’t have any intellectual challenge. He’ll be left with a stagnant mind. Just like a muscle that hasn’t being used for a long time, the brain also loses its power if not stimulated. Intelligent men need intellectual stimulation from their wives.

3.Reciprocal Learning
Learning new things and being able to teach new things to someone else are two very important things to intelligent men. With an intelligent woman as a wife, they can learn something new every day, as well as impart something else that they have learned as well. This mutual and reciprocal learning becomes very healthy to a couple’s intellectual relationship.

4.Reflection Of Each
It’s no secret that we are a reflection of the people we spend the most time with. This is true for husband and wife as well. Having an intelligent wife shows the man in intelligent, and vice versa. This makes the couple twice as strong, both in their own relationship as well as in the eyes of other people.

5. Intelligent children
Of course, intelligent men would like their children to be as smart as, as or even smarter than they are. Studies have shown that intelligence is greatly affected by genetics. An intelligent man would want his children to have the best chance possible at intellectual growth. Having both the genes as well as the behavioral training goes a long for a child. This allows him to have more opportunities for having a better life. And that is all a parent ever wants for his child – a good life.

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