Is There Such Thing As Love At First Sight?

Love At First Sight – Is It Love Or Lust?

They say..

“A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears” Woodrow Wyatt

Which brings me to my question have you ever felt that loving feeling, you know the one that feeling of BOOM instant Irresistible attraction?

It smacks you in your face within minutes of meeting a person.

Your head spins, your heart races, you are overcome by that tingly feeling all over, your tummy is full of butterflies, you become stuck for words and you can’t help but smile.

love at first sightLike most people you’ve probably wondered at some time or another does love at first sight really exist or is it purely lust?

Is a Cupid’s arrow that hasty?

Many argue that love at first sight is lust. And some argue that there was no such thing as lust at first sight and it’s actually love.

There is no doubt when an couple meet for the first time the physical attraction is the glue.

It’s an unexplainable force that draws two people together and attraction no matter how much you try to control it isn’t a choice.

Attraction happens in a split second, it’s in the unconscious mind.

Surely if you find a person attractive in such short time, then falling in love might not need to happen in a few hours or days, but in just minutes?

Studies show that men tend to fall in love immediately as they are more stimulated by visual appearance in comparison to women.

Women fall in love after the first conversation they have with someone as they experience romantic chemistry a lot better than men.

For most people the notion of love at first sight appears to be a misnomer, simply by just seeing someone for the first time does not open a sufficient window into the nature of the person seen.

First sight is purely physical and that is what you call lust not love. Ask yourself, if you would be comfortable exchanging the three special words “I love you” with a person you just met this morning?  Probably not…

There is no denying that you can have strong feelings for someone over the first time you have met.

It is very practicable for a person to love someone they were first in lust with, and then further convince themselves that it was actually love the whole time.

Love does not just happen, it is something that someone works for because love is not a single entity, it comes with trust, passion, and emotional intimacy.

The fact that “Sight” is what is being used to judge the notion of “love at first’ ’sight is a clear indication that it is Lust and not Love. Therefore, love at first sight is left as a fiction rather than a fact.

For lasting love and a relationship that grows stronger day by day it comes down to having aligned values, complimentary beliefs and similar goals in life.

The important things in life to consider such as family values, financial goals, lifestyle choices which include smoking, drinking, exercise even the enjoying the same TV programs, movies and music play a role. And yes sexual compatibility is an absolute necessity. When the going gets tough it’s the chemistry that gets a couple through the tough times.

Ultimately like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

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