What Types Of People Use Matchmaking Services?

Have You Ever Wondered What Type Of People Use Matchmaking Services?

Single professional men, executive women, business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to meet the right person to settle down with and have a family or get married for the second time round and get it right use matchmaking services.


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Our matchmaking clients have achieved success in their careers, they are global and travel extensively, have nice homes, cars, they like eating out, they are cultured enjoy the arts, escaping to a movie, relaxing to music and lead healthy lifestyles as they like to exercise.

Their careers tend to take up a large chunk of their time, most of their friends are in relationships which further limits their network and quality is important to them.

They have something really big in their life missing and that is ‘love’, that someone special. They crave a real connection.

They are bewildered as to how they get everything else right in their life, yet can’t seem to manage a happy health relationship with the right person.

They see the value in outsourcing to a professional as they have invested a significant amount of time and money into their careers and realise if they put in a fraction to investing in finding someone that they can match the same success in their love life as their careers.

The little steps make all the difference and bring them closer to their outcome.

What Types Of Women Use Matchmaking Services?

The single women are strong, smart and successful and want to meet a man to share their life with to make plans for the future.

She can be so independent all she has to do is to let go, bring down her walls, throw away her armour and everything will be ok. She will have the relationship she has always wanted.

Just like a chocolate eclair, she is strong on the outside and soft on the inside.  When she learns to embrace her femininity life changes dramatically. Her relationship with herself, men and everyone in her life improves, she is empowered and finally feels connected and grounded.

It’s what she has been waiting for her whole life. She is connected with her goddess within.

Men will see her as a catch and be absolutely melt in her presence. This is what I teach in my signature program. You too can have it all! Career, love, life and family!

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She will think, “If only I had done this sooner” as she walks away in her man’s arms into the sunset as they plan their future.

What Type Of Men Use A Matchmaking Service?

The men are what I call husband material. They are amazing, the want commitment, yes even marriage, they want a family or for some they want to find “the love of their life”, and or get it right second time round.

The men are successful professionals, executives, business owners, specialists in their field.
We tend to attract very masculine minded men. They are logical, can be analytical and family orientated.

When they meet a woman they like they take action quickly because she is what he has been looking for his whole life. He knows what he wants and takes the steps to secure their union.

They are great protectors, providers and can be traditional in some ways. They are global, well-travelled, some have lived internationally, they are romantic, enjoy weekends away, thinking big and want to meet a woman they call their “best friend”.

They are looking for more than just a pretty face, they want someone that understands them and connects with them intellectually.
Intelligence, family, trust, honesty and integrity are major values for both men and women.

The men tend to be confused by women and want to understand them, a part of them is a little afraid of getting hurt because our clients are “nice” men, they may have experienced a turbulent relationship in the past.

They have big hearts.

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