Sick of meeting the wrong people online

Have you been on online dating websites and been on date after date with the wrong
types of people, having nothing in common, no connection and on completely different stages in life?

Are you sick of wasting your time, feeling disappointed, or feeling that there is no-one out there for you?

Or there are no descent singles out there anymore?

Or maybe you find it hard to connect online?

Maybe you find it hard to get to meet someone face to face. It can get confusing, things can get misunderstood, your matches are talking to other people at the same time, you can lose interest very quickly and you are quick to close doors or people are quick to close doors on you. You waste weeks trying to connect with someone, maybe you can feel a connection, and then all of a sudden it stops, all of a sudden they stop talking to you and you have no idea why.

Or maybe you actually reach the stage of going on a first date and you take a lot of time and care getting ready, feel excited, feel nervous, have butterflies and then boom, you see them and they are nothing like what you had expected, or they don’t look like their photos, they haven’t put in any effort, and you are clearly on different levels and stages!
Or maybe you have seen each other a few times, you are getting to know each other, and you are feeling good about it, getting excited, and you feel wow, we are on the same page, want the same things and are having a great time getting to know each other, and then boom, they disappear…nothing…no explanation…and you never hear from them again…people are calling it “ghosting”….maybe they were seeing someone else at the same time?…. maybe they just weren’t ready…..maybe they weren’t looking for something serious?

All these scenarios can leave you feeling deflated, disappointed, or frustrated, upset, you can start to doubt yourself, your confidence can start to deteriorate and you can end up wanting to give up…….you wonder why you cant find someone who wants what you want, have the same values and treats you the same way you would treat them.

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A lot of my clients with Blue Label Life have felt this way at some stage and are sick and tired of wasting their time, they don’t want to go on anymore pointless dates, meeting people who are nothing like what they are looking for. They are tired of doing their own screening and have reached a point where they couldn’t be bothered anymore and want someone else to do the screening for them. They want to get the right result. They want to meet people who are committed and who want to have a good relationship in their lives…

At Blue Label Life we call it the paradox of dating…. If you went into a shop and wanted to buy a good pair of jeans, and we all know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans that look good and that are comfortable. The sales assistant keeps throwing jeans at you, you are in the change room, the lights are hot, you get all sweaty, the room is small, you have jeans everywhere, you put one leg in and another leg in another pair, you get frustrated and you give up and walk out with nothing……..however if the sales assistant said to you I have measured you and these are the jeans that are perfect for your shape and size, she hands you one pair of jeans and walks away….. You are going to take your time…you are going to slowly put these jeans on…. you will look at the jeans from every angle….you will turn around…turn to your side….you may even bend over… but you will study these jeans closely and really get to know these jeans and see how good they look and feel and you will probably buy them….online dating is exactly the same.. all the choice creates inertia…nothing happens….

At Blue Label Life we focus on quality not quantity…we introduce you to people with the same values, similar lifestyle, similar priorities in life and want the same things…. All our members are educated, financially secure, have a healthy lifestyle and are genuinely looking for a long term relationship…you don’t need to worry about the screening…we do all that for you… you just have to go and have a good time and see who you are attracted too and connect with……

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Robyn Nind is a dating coach and matchmaker at Blue Label Life. Robyn has helped countless singles find love and a partner.

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