Six fabulous food tips for your first date!

As a matchmaker, I set up first dates on a daily basis.

This first impression is as exciting and nerve-wracking as it gets. After all, you could potentially meet your life partner!

Trying to keep a cool head is hard enough without being distracted by digestive discomforts.

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Here are six food etiquette tips for your future first dates:

  1. Politeness: If your date is wanting to surprise you with his restaurant of choice, make sure you notify him of any food intolerances or dislikes before you meet. Don’t sound too fussy though, just let him know politely. For example, if you don’t enjoy spicy food stay clear of curry houses. Always thank him for being thoughtful and wanting to surprise you.
  2. Preparation: If you’re aware of where you’ll be eating, look up the menu at the restaurant/cafe to decide what you may like to eat before you go. This avoids long-winded decision-making while you’re there so you’re able to focus on enjoying his company.
  3. Avoid messy dishes: Lady & The Tramp are the only ones who make spaghetti look cute! Unless you want sauce splashes on your dress, slurping noises and a sauce moustache, avoid messy dishes at all costs. The Guardian tells us to: ‘Never. Order. Spaghetti’.
  4. Avoid chewy foods:  This advice is from personal experience. On my first date with my fiancé, we both opted for the steak. I was so nervous, I ate the meat quickly without chewing it properly and halfway through dessert my stomach began aching from indigestion. The pain continued throughout the evening and became a distraction, making me even more nervous!
  5. Don’t be fussy:  You may be watching your figure but your date doesn’t need to or want to hear about that.  If you are weight conscious, follow step two and opt for the lighter dishes (salads etc). Remember, a date is about enjoying yourself and getting to know the person in front of you, not counting how many calories are on your plate.
  6. Fresh breath:  If you are looking forward to a kiss at the end of the night, avoid garlic and onions if possible and always take mints with you.

New point added on 21 May 2021 – Don’t go to the toilet every 5 minutes. This may send signals to the date that your either super-nervous and need a break or something going on in your stomach. Not ideal if there’s a remote chance of any type of romance later on.

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