How To Snare Your Own Bachelor Guaranteed!

I’m sure most of you agree Madeline is a beautiful woman and she could have snared the bachelor in a heartbeat. You could see the attraction in his eyes when he looked at her, so why no rose?

the bachelor crewWhy did this beauty go home empty handed?
The real reason is Madeline unconsciously sabotaged the date by focusing on the negative, her messy hair, her make up running, not wanting to eat in front of the bachelor.
All of these little things sabotaged the potential for any romantic connection. You could see it in the bachelors face as she pointed out her flaws.

You could see that Sam really wanted to get to know Madeline and was attracted to her but it all got too much for him.

A lot of women do this on their dates, worry about their hair, make-up, not eating too much when in fact what they should be doing is taking a big deep breath and connecting with their date. Ladies men love a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

How To connect with a man on your date when you are super nervous?

I’ve been there all uptight, twisted boy language staring back wondering if my date is attracted to me, or even likes me. It’s perfectly normal, human behaviour and if you notice yourself adopting this strategy be quick to address it. Confidence is number one when it comes to igniting attraction. So I always follow the motto of fake it till you make it when it comes to feeling confident.

To feel more confident, take the focus off yourself and focus on your date and the best way to do this is to start asking your date questions.

Take your focus off you and focus on the beautiful things around you and appreciate everything. Snezanan did this perfectly. Did you notice how much she showed her appreciation for the hot air balloon date?

Snezanan focused on the new experience, she was in the moment and when they walked through the vineyard she commented on how beautiful it was. See, no focus on her it was all external.

Clever girl, is a great connector, she knows how to make a man feel good. As a result she draws him closer and BOOMM!! She gets a kiss! Go girl!!

Big take home lesson to snare your own bachelor:

Make your man feel warm and fuzzy when he is around you. Men need help when it comes to feeling things, they are very analytical, help him get into his heart.

If your nervous be kind to yourself and say “everything will be ok”, “Things are always working out for me”. I promise if you do this you will feel so much better.

If Madeline had focused on the bachelor things may have turned out differently.

What Madeline Could have Done On Her Date With The Bachelor.

Madeline, could have focused externally instead of internally. She could have focused on the bachelors, big strong arms, giving him a compliment on how fit he looked. The man is in the fitness industry, he would love a compliment on his body.

She could have said how beautiful it was to be so free on the water and enjoy delicious food. Even reading this line makes you feel better, than, “Is my mascara running?”

Made him feel like a super hero for taking her out of the rain. showing her appreciation. It’s the little things that count.

To get closer she could have used touch to connect with him. Touching a man’s forearm, looking into his eyes and smiling will bring him closer to you and draw him in.

So that’s my take home, focus on the other person to ease your nerves and make them feel a million dollars. I guarantee you they will want to see you again!

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