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People who are single against their own wishes find it hard to suspend their disbelief on the notion that love will ever find them. But everything, including love, is relative. everywhere-love

After enduring a long time of endless and fruitless searching for “the one”, some people feel that another day spent alone is like an eternity. They think that good things are beyond their grasp while a lot of negativity seems to hover above them all the time.

Such is the affliction of people who think love will never arrive. But NEVER is such a powerful word and everything that catches it quickly loses their glimmer. The void left by this lonesomeness becomes the dead weight that pulls you down. You just wish that the ground would open and swallow you from beneath.

Yes, you can justify your sorry state, but it can be very futile. And we all know we can do away with useless things in our lives—useless worries and fears.

The thing is, your idea that love is beyond your reach is exactly that—YOUR IDEA. Because it is made up in your head, you have all the power to reverse your thoughts. And even when reality is dying to tell you otherwise, love is actually always around you.  You are just too blinded by your unwavering and baseless belief that love will never find you.

Love has many facets and forms. We are just so stuck up with the idea that love is something that only happens between a man and a woman fated (or lucky enough) to have found each other. But love is everywhere— it’s what exists between a mother and child, husbands and wives, siblings, old friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, pets and owners… You are just having a hard time seeing it in your life simply because you are fixed in one direction. Your life is actually rich with love!

Everything is governed by the Law of Attraction. You have to realize that you are a walking magnetic force. You have the choice to attract either the positive or the negative around you. If you settle with being hopeless about love, it manifests in everything you do—you lack passion in doing anything and then you just become a living dead, living for the sake of living. But if you choose to resist negativity, you will attract a lot of positive vibes in your life. It’s like a cloud has been lifted off your vision, and everything you see becomes crystal clear. You’ll begin to recognize the happiness and joy in the different forms of love—between two children playing at the park or old friends having coffee. Love is a universal current that never ceases to flow and if you allow the universe to conspire, it might just bring you to your intended.

So don’t think that love is a far stretch from where you are. Remind yourself every day that it is always within your reach, and before long, it will really be.

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