What You Can Learn About Men And Attraction From The Bachelor So That You Can Snare Your Dream Man

Picture this, its critical time on the bachelor show “Rose Time”, and for any of you watched the show you’ll see the craziness and extreme actions that the women took to stand out and to snare the bachelor.

Sam Wood is the new Bachelor

Sam Wood is the new Bachelor

All sorts of tactics were used, from extreme yoga on the lawn, dumping the ball gown and getting back into the casual clothes, being loud, perhaps a little in authentic, you know what I mean if you watched the show. But what tactics really work when it comes to men?

Is it being loud and extreme to stand out really necessary or is there another tactic that can help you snare your dream man? The thing about men and attraction is very simple. Keep it REAL! Take a look at the girl that took out the white rose.

Sam, the bachelor described her as smart, funny, beautiful, down to earth, someone he could her really connect with. He said she was easy to talk to which made him feel relaxed. Did you noticed her outfit? She wasn’t showing her cleavage, or luscious long legs, no, no her assets were concealed. He saw her for her inner beauty he was attracted to her playfulness, she was cheeky and vulnerable. He said he was excited about having a date with her.

What captured his heart was that she as herself and this is gold. They connected due to playfulness. Being playful with a man makes him feel really good around you and this is key. You see, when you make a man feel good about himself he associates you with feeling good. Even when your aren’t there, when he thinks of you he feels good and we all know when a person makes you feel good you want to be around them, right? Right! It makes total sense.

In essence if you want to make a good impression with your man, make him feel good around you, be yourself, be playful, have a laugh, dream a little, regress back to fun memories especially your childhood memories, notice how they spoke about their favourite super heroes. Helen is a clever girl!

Sam the bachelor also loved the femininity of the single mum. Being a single parent is the norm these days and men love to see the pure femininity. You don’t have to hide it. Embrace it! If you listen back to what Sam the Bachelor said, he was looking for someone that can be themselves. He said, “What you see is what you get and this is me”.

Ultimately that is what every man is looking for. A woman who accepts him for him and who is comfortable in her own skin. So ladies, it’s ok to be yourself, in fact it will work in your favour.

Remember, when you are out there and want to snare your dream man, be yourself, be playful and go and get the man of your dreams now! For more tips on snaring your dream man visit www.bluelabellife.com.au

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