Valentine’s Day For Singles, Your Guide To Finding Love.

It’s that time of the year again isn’t it?

That day that most singles dread, Valentine’s Day!

Everywhere you look, red hearts, chocolates, flowers, cards, gift packs suggested by the

Department stores? Did I mention the Perfume!!

Valentines Day For Singles

 But what if you’re single and there isn’t a Valentine insight?

You have 3 choices:

  • Do you sit back and hide and pretend it doesn’t exist?
  • Do you wallow in sadness and loneliness?
  • Or do you embrace your singlehood and know it’s only temporary and get out and take some action?
My advice to all the singles out there on Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love itself!

Spoil yourself! You deserve it!

Go and buy yourself the biggest most delicious box of chocolates, maybe some French champagne, get yourself a massage and make yourself look amazing.

Ladies go get a blow dry and a nice outfit.

Men buy yourself some sexy cologne, smell amazing and the women will come running. Smell is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs to women.

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, use this day to reflect upon what you want in a partner.

Be clear on what type of relationship you want, what your values are and your action steps to make it happen.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to start your mission to find someone. You’re a successful person and successful people take action, when they want something they go out and find it, make it happen.

Imagine if you looked back 3 months from now and you are dating someone amazing just because you took action on Valentine’s Day. It would be pretty special!

Also know that you are not alone. There are so many people who are just like you! Singles who feel the same on Valentine’s Day.

I always notice a huge surge of new members on our matchmaking service Blue Label Life just before Valentine’s Day as people rush to meet someone special.


Love really is in the air and it makes for a beautiful story.

Valentine’s Day is a day to Celebrate love, the love you have for friends, family and your past loves and of course your future love!

Mindset is everything. If you catch yourself thinking a few blue thoughts quickly snap out of it, focus on the positive, what you love about being in love, and trust it will happen.

Know that if you want it to meet someone amazing you have to make it happen.

Just like you put in time and energy into your work to accomplish your dreams, can you imagine if you did the same to your love life?

Where would you be in months from now?

If you’d like to meet someone for Valentine’s Day, jump online, try a free compatibility test and we can give you a sneak peak to your most compatibility matches!

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