What Every Man Should Know About Dating A Successful Woman.

Are you dating a successful woman or are you interested in dating a successful woman and you’re not sure about what your next move should be?

Do you wonder if she will want to take charge or should you follow the traditional route and take charge yourself?

There is so much conflicting advice out there on what you should do when dating a successful woman that it’s no wonder men are left confused.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It can be easy and a seamless dating experience if you know the secrets.

successful woman (2)As a successful woman I’m about to reveal the truth about what you should to win her heart!

When Dating A Successful Woman She Loves it when you take charge.

Whilst she is strong, focused and determined at work, she loves to switch off and melt into the arms of her man. She is boss all day long, stuck in her masculine energy so step into masculine energy take charge and be her man. She really wants you too!!

She loves it when you find the restaurant, she loves it when you drive her somewhere, she loves it when you tell her to relax and you’ll sort things out. When you do this she feels taken care of this is really important to her. A successful woman wants to feel taken care of because she often feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders when she is constantly in charge.

Strong, women love it when a man knows…what he wants!

When dating a successful woman you’ll noticed she may be time poor, working around her schedule to squeeze in a date, don’t worry this will get better as your relationship evolves. The stronger your relationship the more time she will make for you.

The secret to securing more time with her is to be very direct with your intentions. Tell how what you want, she is very driven by outcome and purpose. Be clear in communication with her, and let her know your intentions.

Successful Women Love To Pretend To Be Rock Solid and Unemotional.

Successful Woman are Strong on the outside and soft in the centre. Just like a chocolate éclair.
Behind her large unemotional tough exterior she is a soft vulnerable girl. Remember at work she is all about competition, the need to win and this behaviour can seep into her dating life and sadly sabotage romance.

A quick way to get right to her heart is to tell her that you know underneath her tough exterior she has a beautiful big heart and that most people wouldn’t even know how soft she is. Watch her melt as she finally feels understood. This will bring her closer to you.

Successful Women Want To Be Accepted.

She is very competitive and enjoys a challenge, deep down she fears she will not be accepted as you often hear the phrase, “Men are intimidated by successful women” thrown around. You and I both know this is not the case, it’s more a matter of when a woman is very successful she has huge walls, she doesn’t open up to her man which ultimately drives men away.

When a successful woman has put up her walls she is trying to be safe and protect her feelings by appearing strong. Sadly walls keep her lonely and isolated from connection.

Be the man that accepts her and you will see her shine. When she can be herself she will adore you, because she will finally feel free to be herself.

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