What to do if your date suggests a place you don’t like?


Scoring a date is quite the task already, but the hardest part is making the plans. There are plenty of things to consider, especially if it’s a first date. Usually, women leave it up to the guys. If your date hasn’t had the chance to really know you, chances are they’ll end up choosing a place or an activity that may not be right up your alley. You wouldn’t want to be tagged as the picky one by out rightly expressing your thoughts, so how do you really deal with this sticky situation? dontl-like-restuarant

Situation: He invites you to a restaurant where they serve food you are allergic to or a cuisine you aren’t partial to.

What to do: Acknowledge that it might be a good place to try, unfortunately you have certain food allergies or you are not too keen on trying a cuisine you absolutely despise. Then follow it with a suggestion of your own.

Situation: He’d like to take you to a sporting event of his favorite team but you aren’t that much into sports.

What to do: Although he’s keen on sharing his interests with you, a sporting event may not be an ideal place for a date, especially if it’s the first one. It’s too crowded and noisy you wouldn’t have the chance to really talk to each other. Suggest that it may be better if you go someplace quiet or grab a dinner in a casual place before you head to the game. That way, you can still enjoy a good conversation with him and just enjoy the chance to learn about something he loves.

Situation: He said he’s just like to hang out in a bar with you.

What to do: Taking a woman to a bar is not a date, it’s a booty call. Aren’t bars places where men pick up women or vice versa? At this point, you may begin to question his intentions. Again, just be clear that you’d rather be somewhere where you can both sit down, talk, and enjoy good food. If he doesn’t “bite” on that idea, well you’ll definitely know he’s just trying to get into your pants.

Situation: He tells you he wants to take a weekend get-away with you. The catch: you don’t really know him well just yet.

What to do: You can still get out of town, but give a hint that you wouldn’t necessarily want it to last the whole weekend. Suggest a casual day at the beach or a trek in a national park. You’d still get to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time together without the awkwardness of having to spend several days in each other’s presence when you hardly know him.


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