Why Use Blue Label Life for Matchmaking?

I once read an article about a zoo supervisor who was asked what was harder for her, finding animals their perfect mate or finding a partner of her own. Now, she answered “finding one for myself is harder!” in jest but we all know what she is talking about. Here is a person who manages a place full of animals (which is so cool, by the way) who thinks it is much harder to look for her own partner than going round the world looking for the perfect pair for that lone polar bear they got last year. bear holding hands

You might be wondering why I told you that story when it seems to be about a lonely polar bear. Well, the thing is, finding a match as a human being is a lot harder than anyone thinks. It might be a lot easier when you are younger and everybody’s libido is at an all-time high and you had all the time in the world. As you get older, the pool of choices becomes smaller, you get pickier, and you barely have enough time to sort out every possible candidate.

This is where Blue Label Life comes in. Blue Label Life is a dating service that caters to successful professionals who are currently looking for the perfect partner. We are not like other dating websites that offer a cookie cutter style approach. We take a personal and individual approach to all our clients.

We hate to be the one telling you we are the best at what we do so why don’t we just list down the reasons why you should trust us for your matchmaking needs.

  1. Meet the right type of single – Ever had that fear of being paired with somebody who is totally out of your league? I mean, let’s be honest. If we wanted to meet a slob whose idea of a good time is to watch re-runs of Crocodile hunter then we can always go and shop around at the nearest bars. With Blue Label Life you will be assured that you will be matched with you is a successful professional just like you. We use compatibility tests that match your age, values, long-term goals, interests, and other essential dynamics including the preferences you discussed.
  2. Save time – There are a lot of things you need to do to ensure you find the right person. Blue Label Life does all those for you except for the actual dating part. We make sure everything checks out before you actually date the person. We do the screening, interview, background checks, introductions, follow-ups, and coaching. We will also do all the scheduling to make sure that your dating experience will compliment your lifestyle and schedules because we understand how busy your life can get.
  3. Enjoy the get-to-know-each-other part of dating – Without any of the other “to-dos” in your list, you can just focus on getting to know your match. We will also be right behind you every step of the way as your confidante, coach, and trusted friend. We want to ensure your dating experience is as fun, easy, and as pleasurable an experience as possible.
  4. Enjoy complete confidentiality – Just like a true confidante, we keep everything you share to us under lock and key. All information you give us starting from the registration form to your answers on our compatibility tests are all kept a secret. Even the things you discuss with your own personal matchmaker is kept in secrecy. Your entire Blue Label Life experience will be carried out with great discretion.
  5. Matchmaking experts in Sydney and Melbourne – With over 14 years of matchmaking experience in 2 of the biggest cities in Australia, you can rest assured that we can help you find the perfect partner. We understand where you are coming from, we know your concerns and your needs. We also know that you have all these opportunities open for you and we will be more than willing to assist you to grab all these opportunities.
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