7 Best First Date Ideas in Sydney

Would you like to feel more relaxed on a date and make a great impression all while increasing your chances of creating chemistry?

Well you can, all it takes is a bit of planning and of course you know what they say, knowledge is power.

Here are some of the best first date ideas in Sydney that will make you stand out from the crowd and help you ignite chemistry and sweep your date off their feet! Going outdoors (when your so used to being in front of a computer) and enjoying the best of Sydney is a great way to get to know each other.

Sydney Observatory

The Sydney observatory is one of the best first date ideas in Sydney for those who love to blend a bit of education with romance.

SydneyObservatoryYou can opt for both night time and day tours.

Personally I recommend a night tour, there is nothing like a bit of moon light and star gazing that that gets hearts racing and romance flourishing. How romantic!!

The tours are available all year round.

They Sydney observatory was once home to Government Astronomers who worked and lived in the building to the study of the starts seen from the southern hemisphere. Today it is an incredible museum for all of us to access!

Experience the viewing of the Sydney night sky through a special Sydney observatory telescope. You can also experience the 3D space Theatre and dome tour. This is perfect for those who have first date jitters as you can focus on the star light and truly get to know each other. Why not grab a glass of wine afterwards?

Scenic Drive to the Blue Mountains.

A beautiful relaxing drive is one of the best first date ideas in Sydney for those who want to really connect with their date with the simple pleasures.

If you love a romantic drive jump in the car and drive to the Blue mountains, be sure to have great music and some treats.

Three Sisters blue mountain sunset

The Blue mountains have the beautiful Leura, with cute cafes for lunch gorgeous little bakeries. Make sure you view the beautiful 3 sisters. Breath in the fresh air, share an ice cream or jump on the skyway.

If your date is afraid of heights even better, it’s a great excuse to snuggle up for safety.

You can further enhance the date by hiring your favourite sports car!

Beach lovers and adventurers.

For those of you who love palm beach take a drive up the coast and grab lunch on the waterfront in Palm beach.

You can opt for a walk up to the light house before or after your meal, it’s a gorgeous walk and the scenery is amazing.

couple on beachYou can joke about seeing the home and away house and maybe even share a sneaky kiss as you head into the bush walk. Seriously the scenery is amazing, you can see the whole of the coastline of Palm beach and watch the water crash along the rocks. Simply beautiful!

If you’d prefer to stay more south there are so many gorgeous beaches to experiences, you can do the Bondi to Bronte walk or head down even further south for an adventure.

Wendy’s Secret Garden In Lavender Bay.

The best first date idea in Sydney for a romantic picnic in in Lavender Bay. The view is spectacular and you can melt your first date nerves away with some bubbles or wine. Ideally late afternoon is the perfect time for this date so that you can watch the sunset.

WendysSecretGardenA picnic is a great way to relax in the outdoors and show off your love of food. You have the option of preparing everything yourself or grab your goodies from a trendy deli.

Make sure you have a nice big picnic blanket and some soft iTunes playing to really set the scene.

Dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant.

Dinner and drinks is a top way to spend your first date. Whether you opt for a big 3 course meal or some light tappas it is the perfect way to break the ice.

If you are a nervous on first dates make sure you order something easy to eat. Avoid the loopy long pasta or some salads that could end up in your teeth, both these meals can be super messy to eat and leave you focusing on trying to eat as opposed to connecting with your date. If any of these mishaps to occur laugh it off.

There are some great restaurants in this city, to create a lasting impression pick one with great atmosphere, ambient music, good lighting and great food.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking

For the active ones get out on the water and hit the beach or harbour.

Tandem Cycle by the Beach or country side.

Even if you live far far away from Manly it could be a fantastic retro adventure. Rent a tandem bike and ride along the beautiful esplanade of manly beach.

For the independent types, yes it will be just as good if you hire a bike each. Maybe you could be playful and have a race ;-)

After your ride you can head off to Manly wines for a cocktail or even grab a delicious ice-cream from Ben and jerry’s. There is so much to do by the beach. Make a day of it!

For those of you who love the country side, get creative and start googling amazing destinations. You’ll love it!

Go watch a show.

Whether it’s the theatre, a music or a Ballet.

Watch a show, for those who love the arts, there is no better way to connect than to enjoy a show together. It’s a great conversation starter if you have planned drinks afterwards, and the best part if watching a show allows you to totally escape from the daily grind and activates your beta brain waves making you feel more relaxed.

No matter what best first date idea in Sydney you choose, make sure you have fun, stay focused on your date, ask them questions about their ideal day, favourite holiday experiences, favourite memories, where they want to be.

Avoid talking about anything negative at all costs and that includes, your ex’s, past dates, any traumatic experiences or even politics.

It’s best to stay focused on the now and the future and positive experiences.

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