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Discover what it to ignite attraction with men and women. I will also be sharing how to enhance attraction with the opposite sex  giving you the great gift of ever lasting passion and commitment. Can you imagine having a relationship where the buzz of the honey moon period keeps going on and on!

Join my interview with The LOVE Doctors Interview Tuesday 20th August,2013 @ 83.0pm EST.

I’ll also be touching on the four main personality types and how to mind read your partner!

Knowing your personality type and that of others is the key to happiness and successful relationships.  There are basically four personality types that you and your partner might be.

I have outlined the behavioural traits and patterns of each personality type, and the goal is for you and your partner to identify which ones you are. From there you can work out strategies to improve your communication, interactions and ultimately your relationship.

Law of attraction

This person is really competitive and loves challenge. (S)he loves facts, fast paced and getting to the point. This person likes to be in charge of several things at once and relishes environments of power and authority. They are big picture thinkers who will delegate the details.

They don’t like to be told what to do and are not interested in other’s opinions.
They can be impatient. They are very much wanting to know what people want; they like to be clear on the end game.

People Pleaser
This person is charismatic and loves being around people. They are big picture people who get bored with detail. They get excited about possibilities future and what it could mean for them. They avoid confrontation and are motivated by the importance of being liked – big time!

They love, being the centre of attention. They are afraid of missing out on people, things, or events. They crave and are significantly driven by variety and connection. They have an uncanny knack of making you feel real comfortable and they are quick to get involved in heart to heart conversations.

Comfort Creature
This person craves certainty, predictability and takes their time in making decisions. They are conservative types and will stick with their relationship/hobby/career for a long time. They are extremely reliable. They are driven by security, safety and connection.

They are outstanding at taking care of others and looking after others’ needs at the expense of their own. They thrive in slow paced environments that are well systemized. If their environment is not, they will organize it.

This person is best known for their technical prowess. They are detail orientated. You will normally find this kind of person in a career that is highly specialized e.g. professors, CPA’s Engineers. Hence they are the “The Type Who Want To Be Right”., not in an egotistical fashion, more so in an analytical, factual type fashion.

Their personality tends to be standoffish and misinterpreted as cold people, however are the most loyal type of individual. Their criteria for establishing trust, is normally quite long and detailed. Once you have been entrusted they will stick with you for life.

Final Comments
In the Hot and Heavy Interviews with The Love Doctors, next Tuesday night, I am going to talk about your personality type, and your partner’s, and how that affects your relationship.  I will also talk about what to do if you are seemingly incompatible.

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