Can a relationship survive if a woman earns more than a man?

Does the bigger pay packet mean getting to wear the pants in the relationship?  You might be surprised, but NO it doesn’t. But that DOESN’T mean it won’t cause problems.

Just take a look at party animal Katy Perry. Last year, Katy earned $44 million, while her ex-husband Russel Brand came in at $6.6M – that’s a whopping seven times more.

Russel Brand told sources he wanted a wife to be at home with him, but that definitely wasn’t Katy – who spent almost half their married life touring for her California Dream tour – working hard to make “ends meet.” Not having Katy by his side left poor Russ unhappy and unfulfilled.

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That’s a situation all too familiar to IT Executive Matt*. His relationship with his ex-girlfriend deteriorated rapidly after his ex-girlfriend started her own company and tripled her income.

“The dynamic within the relationship changed,” said Matt. “I’m a traditional man, I like to be the breadwinner and it just didn’t work the other way round.”

But look at it from both sides, Jennifer’s* a CEO and she wants to meet her equal. “I have worked so hard to get to this position and won’t settle for anyone who is not on my level”.
In recent years bringing home the bacon has undergone a seismic social shift. Recent statistics reveal 19% of women out earn their partner, 25% earn the equal amounts of cash.

So what does this mean for modern relationships moving forward?

John’s* an Account Executive, he’s been married to his wife for 10 years who earns twice as much as he does, he is confident within himself and is inspired by her success.

Is this the new generation of dating or a recipe for disaster?
Some men feel insignificant earning less than women whereas most women are secretly frustrated if a man doesn’t match their hunger or earning power. Women are looking for their economic equal.

So what can you do? Get with the times. It’s 2012! Wake up boys and girls, it’s time to smell the roses. Having equal earning potential has so many benefits.

Times are changing. Either embrace it, or be left behind.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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