Communication Gaps: Men Vs. Women

Let’s face it, men just don’t communicate the way women do and vice versa.

This difference in communication styles has often led to many relationships crumbling.

Communication Gaps: Men Vs. Women

Communication is such an important cornerstone for any relationship, whether just beginning to blossom or something that has been around for a long time.

Women perceive men as the worst when it comes to communication. They rely purely on texts and emails. They don’t open up easily and would rather hold on to their innermost thoughts, fears, and secrets. They wouldn’t give any chance at being vulnerable. And the worst: They keep women in the dark as to what their real intentions are. How women wish they could make their men more open, honest, and communicative!

Men, on the other hand, express difficulty in reading women all the time. They say one thing and mean another. It drives men nuts! Women also tend to hash out things, making mountains out of anthills. They like drawing out issues and holding on to past grudges when they say everything’s forgiven and forgotten. Men think women are plain crazy, jumping from one train of thought to another as often as their mood swings.

Clearly, men and women were not designed to be with each other according to the ABC in teir article What divides men and women? The Australia Talks survey reveals quite a list. They tell us that Male and female brains may be exceedingly similar in design, but the Australia Talks National Survey 2021 has confirmed they entertain a universe of differing views. But the natural attraction between opposite sexes cannot be denied—man and woman were meant to be together. And no matter how much one try to change how the other communicates, it simply cannot be done. Especially women, you can’t just make your man communicate the way you want them to.

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The thing is, men’s communication styles come out naturally, much like yours do. But your relationship doesn’t have to necessarily suffer. After all, you are in charge of the way you communicate. And that is the one thing you can change.

Instead of approaching men’s seemingly detached communication style with frustration and resentment, women should be more compassionate and understanding. Men aren’t really into reading between the lines, so expressing yourself honestly will surely go a long way in improving the communication gap between you and your partner.

Instead of getting immediately angry when faced with men’s walls, break them down with your enduring kindness and empathy.

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