Dating in 2019 – what are your options

In 2019 the options are seriously endless when it comes to dating. In fact, there are too many options and the list of dating apps and dating websites are endless.

So where does this leave you? Someone looking for love, a real connection in an online world?

Following are the main apps and websites you can go to, to find your match, your partner in 2019.


This would have to be the most popular app with millions of people using this app worldwide. It’s an absolute monster and every single man and women know about it. Even married people use this to have an affair of the side. Its popularity and brand are extremely well known and most singles are on here looking to either meet someone or hook up.

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Up side of Tinder

– it’s known world wide
– you can use it to meet people in other countries when you travel overseas
– there’s a massive choice of people on there
– it’s really easy to use
– you can customise your settings

Down side of Tinder:

– it’s really a hook up site and if your looking for a real relationship then your going to struggle here. Of course some people have met and established real solid relationships here but that’s a rarity.
– there are so many people using this that you tend to become disposable. If you don’t look absolutely gorgeous in a bikini or board shorts & don’t have a 6 pack then the likelihood of someone swiping right are going to be limited.
– if they do swipe right they are probably doing this a million times so don’t get excited as the chances of them actually chatting with you are seriously low.
– because they are probably juggling other dates and people if you dont’ make a great impression on your first meeting they’ll delete you.
– photos can be really old and misleading – plus most people lie about their age! Guys will knock off 7-10 years and women the same.
– most guys say they are looking for a relationship on there but 90% or so of them are after a hook up. If they say they’re not they are not being completely truthful!

horrible first dates


This is an offshoot of Tinder and is basically the same thing except women can only make the first chat.

You have the same swiping capabilities as Tinder but men cannot contact women. You can match with each other but it’s the women who make the first contact. Basically, the guys just have to sit back and wait.

The pros and cons of Bumble are pretty much the same as Tinder yet somehow Bumble seems to have a more sophisticated feel. Don’t be fooled it’s really the same application just with a new logo and new design. It’s essentially a hook up site.


This would have to be the oldest and most successful dating website and still going strong after a decade or more. This used to be the ‘go to’ place to meet people and it worked really well for many years but it’s lost it’s personality and is now a poor second or even third best to a Tinder. It’s actually quite daggy to be on RSVP.

Down side of RSVP in 2019

– it can get expensive
– there are heaps of fake profiles on there and most people will use really old photos and lie about their age.
– you have to buy stamps to chat with someone and it’s a waste of money when they don’t reply
– most of the people on RSVP are on Tinder as well

Up side of using RSVP in 2019

– this is kinda limited as it’s a tired outdated website with little appeal. In fact its embarrassing to be on there. The brand has really taken a nose dive over the last couple of years and has a bad reputation.

Professional Dating Agency websites

This is where those that have gone down the Tinder and Bumble path finally end up.

Or perhaps they are too discreet to splash their photos around online declaring they’re single and opt for this type of service initially.

Whatever the reason in 2019, the growing popularity of a professional matchmaker seems to be growing due to the disillusion of people who can’t be bothered or who have not met their match using other apps or websites.

Down side of using a dating agency in 2019

– some of them can become expensive where you have to fork out large sums of money ( luckily at Blue Label Life – we make this very affordable)!
– communication can be poor and sometimes they fail to match you up correctly. This can lead to problems as your paying some serious coin here so you’d expect to meet the right person who matches your personality and criteria.
– some agencies may tell you that they have lots of people on their database to get you to sign up when the opposite is true. Watch out for this!

Up side of using a dating agency in 2019

– they do all the searching for you. You can forget about wasting all that time, energy, nerves with dating apps.
– some dating agencies are in fact really good and when they say they’ll find someone they’ll do it.
– there has been some bad publicity around dating agencies over the years but the majority of them have cleaned up their act and now offer a really good and valuable service!
– you don’t waste time or energy with other platforms that produce lets just say dubious results
– the age, the photos and the profiles of the people you meet are real and not fake as so often happens on other sites and apps. Peoples are always screened before you meet them
– if you want to be discreet then this is the best way to meet someone without publishing your photo online. This is very important for people in public roles or people in high positions who want to maintain secrecy about their personal lives.

If your looking to make a real connection in 2019 and you are at your wits end on where to start, please get in touch with us here at Blue Label Life and have a chat with Robyn your personal matchmaker.

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