MR. Single No More


                Have you always been tagged as forever Mr. Single? Have your friends grown so accustomed to you not having a romantic life at all? Are you itching to get rid of that title once and for all? Well lucky for you Mr Single, here are a few steps you can follow for a romantic reboot.

Mr Single

#1 Mr Single, Get rid of date-a-lot or no-date-at-all mindset.

You have found that no one seems to fit despite having gone out dating several times. Or maybe you’ve stopped dating altogether because it just becomes frustrating every time something doesn’t work out and you end up disappointed. Again. And again. It’s a tough world out there, even for men who are known to have the freewill to pursue any woman of their liking. So if you’ve been doing a lot of work and have still remained single, it’s not because you are completely unlovable or at unlike able. Never get demotivated. Activity breeds success and apply the principle of quality over quantity.

#2 Mr Single, You NEED to review your courtship skills.

                Maybe the reason why you aren’t baiting any woman is probably because your relationship tools are simply outdated. Mr Single, you have to understand the new “datescape” and navigate your way through it. Update yourself with the latest go-to events and restaurants lauded to have an atmosphere best for dating. Explore the dating playground and you’d be amazed by the new and exciting things awaiting you!

#3 Mr Single, have a balance between being too soft or too hard.

                Overcome your wussiness and learn the difference between being cocky in the right way instead of being a jerk. Women aren’t attracted to wussies. Don’t tell them how deeply you have fell for them too early on— that can be very off-putting, and clingy too! When you act like a wuss, women lose their attraction for you.

#4 Mr Single, PLEASE Stop calling your mother.

                Women look to men for protection and provision. But if you aren’t a stellar image of a masculine man who can take care of his woman, surely she will not give you a second chance. Be in charge of your life and know what you want. Have a clear purpose and sense of direction. Do not become one of those mama’s boy who can’t seem to take care of himself. If you can’t look after you, how can you expect to be able to look after another female human being?

#5 Mr Single, Be at the right place at the right time.

                The key to successful dating is finding someone with whom you have a connection with. Go to events and places you actually enjoy instead of pretending to be someone else just to pick up a woman you think you’d like. Embracing who you are allows you to meet the right people and make the right connections with them.

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