Do’s and Don’t of the Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year again where you bring out your best party dress or suit because everyone in your office is going to be at the annual Christmas Party.

And though you’ve been well-behaved the entire year, you certainly feel like being naughty this time. And why not?

Organizational hierarchy doesn’t apply because everyone including your boss down to the postboy is all on the same level of playing field. But should you throw away all your efforts in being the goody-two-shoes that you are for the past year for a single night of fun that you’ll probably end up regretting anyway? Here are some key things to remember to make sure you leave with your reputation, and more importantly your job, intact the morning after.

Do not drown yourself in alcohol.

Twerking is best left to the celebrities who do not have to worry about money even if they lose their jobs. You, on the other hand, can’t afford to misbehave if it’ll cost your reputation you have built up or worse, your job. Besides, you may end up saying and doing things you’ll have to live with for the remaining time you stay with the company. Isn’t that too much price to pay for just a few hours of carefree fun?

The Daily Telegraph tells us that while it is certainly not the night to secure a big promotion, being on your best behaviour still pays.

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Don’t treat it as hook-up night

You think it’s the perfect backdrop to finally confess to that woman you’ve been secretly eyeing for the past weeks or you think having a few drinks will give you the courage to admit to that guy on the other floor that you have this thing for him? Think again. Dating your colleagues was never, and will never be a good idea. If they don’t reciprocate, can you actually work together in a thick air of awkwardness after?

Bring your conversation game plan.

More than anything, office Christmas parties are social activities where you are inevitably thrust into talking with everyone you’ve been trying to avoid. If you are not the most social person among the pool of employees, think through how you’re going to go about the night before going to the party. If you find yourself suddenly tongue-tied, the best approach would be to ask them about themselves. Chances are, everyone couldn’t wait to talk about themselves endlessly. And don’t forget another important strategy— how to exit the conversation. Just be polite and say you’re going over there to talk to someone else.

Present your best self.

Christmas parties aren’t any excuse to bring out your costume and cause everyone to take out their camera phones and post photos of you on social media. Make an impression, but a good one. Sure, you want to stand out a little bit by wearing something that is not black or dark blue like your suits but be sure not to be mistaken for a Christmas ornament either. You wouldn’t want to be the topic until someone slips up at next year’s Christmas party.

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