Everything You Need To Know About A Dating Agency

If you’re like most single professionals looking for a genuine relationship then you understand the value of time your time and the power of outsourcing.

And if you’re like more successful singles I meet you are probably wondering why you have achieved your career success yet seem to continuously get it wrong when it comes to dating and relationships. It should be simple right?

Updated by Robyn Nind 12 August 2020

Everything else in your life is working out so why not love?

Rest assured help is on its way!

If you haven’t found love the traditional way it’s not your fault.

It has nothing to do with your looks, your success, your ability to connect with others, it’s your formula.

As a single professional today, there are more avenues than ever to meet someone, which include:

– Online dating
– Dating apps
– Singles events
– Social media
– Even extreme dating shows!

More choice should be better right? Not at all.

Unfortunately, as a result of all this choice very few people are getting into real relationships. In fact, the common story I hear is that it just feels like everyone is looking for the next best thing.

Sadly that is what happens when you are talking quantity and not quality.

Because of the overwhelming perceived choice, the Paradox of dating occurs.

Too much choice sometimes ruins the chance of finding love. It’s time to put a stop that that. Blue Label Life has a very unique formula developed by Samantha Jayne, Matchmaker and Dating Coach. Robyn Nind’s formula is assured to give you the secret formula to finding love. Before we go into the magic formula here are some facts about dating agencies.

A Dating Agency Gives You A Successful formula.

At Blue Label Life our formula is unique, we offer scientific compatibility which is a great way of meeting people.

What Type Of People Join A Dating Agency?

Single, professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, business owner’s even celebrities. What everyone has in common is that they want a long-term relationship or marriage, and they are prepared to pay for a matchmaker, this means you can rest assure that if you are looking for a serious relationship then a dating agency is the best place to find someone on the same page. It’s perfect for singles who are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even their 60’s.

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How Is A Dating Agency Different from Online Dating and Tinder?

The online world it’s a numbers game or I like to call it quantity, with a dating agency it is all about quality. Your privacy is of paramount importance, your friends and family don’t even have to know you are looking for love.

A dating agency offers you the opportunity to meet someone specific to your requirement and we do all the work for you.

A Dating Agency Gives You a Support Network.

Like a trusted advisor and a well-connected friend that knows you well your matchmaker has access to thousands of eligible singles looking for long term love. As a member of a dating agency this opens up your network and you can imagine what this can for you!

Your matchmaker is there to support you as your dating guru and is there for you throughout the entire process till you meet someone special.

A Dating Agency Gives You The Confidence Of A Plan.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Just like you need a plan to establish career and business success love is the same. Most people when it comes to finding the one take an ad-hoc approach, they think that it will just happen, that they will leave it up to fate, but imagine if you left your career up to fate. If you did this things would look very different guaranteed.

To succeed in your career, it’s all about strategic planning. Same goes for your love life.
Blue Label Life’s founder and Expert matchmaker has developed some of the most unique plans to love that really works. You can find out more about the formula to finding love by registering on this website.

A Dating Agency Means You’ll Meet Genuine Singles looking for a Long-term Relationship Or Marriage.

Yes, no games. It’s all about the outcome, being on the same page and never wasting time with the wrong people. Before we introduce you to someone at Blue Label Life we make sure you both want the same things in life so that you grow together as time goes on and your relationship gets strong and stronger. Imagine the dream life you can create together! The world is your oyster.

A Dating Agency Helps you Work out Where and Why You have Been going wrong.

Nobody teaches you how to love, or keep a relationship. Blue Label Life has a unique formula using behavioural profiling that determines your personality type, your drivers, who you are attracted to and why, where you have been going wrong and how to adopt a better more effective dating strategy to finally give you the results you want!

This behavioural profiling is super powerful. Dating Agency helps you break old habits.

As Einstein would say, “The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”

Dating Agency helps you Get Connected with the right type of singles.

It’s it nice when you meet someone and it just clicks! This happens because you are on the same level, similar education backgrounds, and similar levels of life experience, similar lifestyles and similar values.

Getting connected with the right type of singles feels good and is a brilliant way to expand your network.

Dating Agency should Use A scientific approach.

Having some form of compatibility testing means you‘ll be matched with someone with aligned values. Blue Label Life has it’s very own compatibility test called the relationship radar. It looks at 50 factors that are vital when it comes to the success of a relationship.

Try it now simply register on our website and it will take you through the steps to reach our relationship radar. You can check your compatibility with someone of interest or we can send you your results to see who you are compatible with.

Take the free compatibility test now

A Dating Agency Should Give You choice.

Photo profiles. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Seeing a person’s detailed profile ensuring there is a photo is essential. A picture says a thousand words and you want to make sure you find the person attractive before you meet.

A Dating Agency Gives You Freedom and Peace of Mind.

Dating Agency Should Conduct background checks, police checks.

A Dating Agency Gives You The Priceless Human Touch.

Having an expert advising you on love, your next step, supporting you and giving you the confidence to take the next step is priceless. And expert matchmaker and dating coach gives you a sounding board and ensures you stay on track.

A good matchmaker listens for what is not being said and thinks strategically for you.

A Dating Agency saves you time.

Avoid spending countless hours online trolling through the internet only to be catfished. Time is your most valuable resource it is something you never get back. Spend your time with friends, family or relaxing and taking time out, all while knowing that someone is taking care of your love life for you.

A Dating Agency Saves You Money.

Hours on dates, investing in memberships it all adds up, and if you calculate the money invested in dinners and drinks meeting people you never connect with it is a huge investment.

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A dating agency might mean an initial investment but in the long run, it pays off exponentially.

Dating Agency should provide you with the option of online training and date coaching

Knowledge is power. If your agency just set you up on dates, then you are back at square one, you should be given access to training and coaching resources specific to your goals. Just like you invested in your career invest in learning about attraction, dating, relationships even love languages.

In a world where there are more singles than ever, finding love the traditional way is a challenge it should be easy with an expert guiding you the way.

Blue Label Life’s mission is to “Empower and Support people to connect, find love and be free”

Empower through education, connect by bringing people together in our extensive network resulting in people finding love.

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