What a good man looks for in a woman

Here it is, ladies.

I am often asked by my female clients what a man is looking for in a woman and what is he attracted to?

I always answer a man will always want to feel good around a woman, it is about how she makes him feel that is the most important thing to him. Yes, this is correct. However, I wanted to dig deeper and find out what it was specifically a good man looks for and what he is attracted to!

What a good man looks for in a woman

And by the way, What do I mean by a good man?

I mean a man who respects a woman, wants a good quality connection with a woman, is secure, down to earth, knows who he is and has good manners. Values a relationship and is committed to making it work.

Here you go

Well, the first point men look for in a woman is her smile and her naturalness. He is attracted to her persona, her air of confidence, and how comfortable she is in her skin, and he likes a woman who knows what she wants. He will look at how she treats and speaks about the people in her life. He knows how she views and respects the people close to her, which, in turn, shows how she will treat him, his family, and the people close to him.

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Now, this one is a biggie. he wants to be with a woman who accepts him and doesn’t judge him. He wants a woman who supports him and will stand by his side. A good man values kindness, honesty and realness, and this leads me to. He looks at how she treats the waiter. optimism. He looks for a woman who is respectful and will never embarrass him. He likes a woman who is tactful with him; she is kind in correcting him. She has courage, is honest, is authentic and generous; she makes time for others; she hears him and appreciates him; she acknowledges what I do and wants. She protects me from myself and others. She wants to help me be a bigger man, more successful in life…..

The feeling that I can just be me…the best version of me……

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