How Feminism Changed Our Relationships?

Man and woman swirl in a sea of masculine and feminine energies that complement each other to maintain balance in any relationship.

Masculine energy is oftentimes described as intense, making it somehow ominous from a woman’s perspective.

But given how times have changed, many modern women may be alien to this perception.

The advent of feminism has brought a lot of advantages for women in the past decades. However, the revolution is not completely devoid of flaws. The movement has made some women too domineering, assimilating characteristics commonly associated with masculine energy. Although the world agrees on equality for all, some women may have pushed too far and embraced a culture of castrating men as a way of levelling the field for both sexes.

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The truth is, neither of the masculine and feminine energies are superior or beneath the other. The belief otherwise leads to women’s continuous struggle to gain dominance. When women start to think that it’s okay to destroy the virility and spirit in men as a way to get ahead, it becomes destructive to the harmonious balance of energies because both masculinity is at play.

It is not to say that masculinity is strictly for men as femininity is for women. Some women are more masculine, but majority are not. The same goes for men. Some may have feminine energy, but masculinity is still the major player. Women have this notion that being feminine makes them the lesser sex, making them resistant to men’s masculine energy. This underlying power struggle that plagues many relationships creates imbalance. Love becomes a contest of who will make the first more, say ‘I love you’ too much, or be more vulnerable. Women find it hard to surrender to a man’s masculine energy in the fear that their man may then assume more ‘power’ or ‘control’ over their relationship.

Women need to understand that surrendering to a man cannot be mistaken as allowing him to take over the entire relationship. In a loving relationship, there simply should be no room for competition. Both are equal, yet different. It is in playing each other’s roles right and complementing the other that makes for a long-lasting and happy relationship. Better Health Victoria has published a great article on this called Relationships – tips for success which is worth a read if you find yourself in a relationship slump.

Surrendering to the masculine energy means letting go and trusting a man to take care of you. It’s all about allowing yourself to be vulnerable, because only then can you allow love to enter your life. Being feminine means letting your natural grace and beauty to emanate from you—nothing can be more attractive to any man. When you let the feminine energy flow through you, you avoid resisting the masculine energy. Feel confident that the feminine energy is an equal of the masculine energy and can therefore match its strength without getting aggressive or angry.

As a woman, you are capable of handling, inspiring, and influencing a man’s masculinity!               

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