Top 7 Things Women Look For In A Man

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Yes, we’ve all heard that claim.

Each of the opposite sex is unique, with different needs and wants. Women can sometimes expect men to be mind readers and know exactly what they want at any given time.

Top 7 Things Women Look For In A Man

But being one step ahead isn’t the top trait women look for in men. It’s actually the small things and gestures that matter. Here is a list of seven things a woman wants in a man.

Quality time

Women often complain that their man does not spend enough time with them. Women like to be a priority. Setting alone time together will make your relationship stronger. It allows the two of you to reconnect and focus only on the other person and appreciate them.


Women ought to be respected, and that includes their feelings, thoughts, opinions, and emotions. Women do not like being mistreated by men. In fact, everyone deserves to be respected especially if you are in an intimate relationship together. But some women according to Psychology Today in their article Why Do Women Fall for Cruel Men? Tell us that: for many women—even smart women, women who should know better—a “strong man” is synonymous with one who treats her badly. If the man doesn’t treat her badly, she’ll mortify herself, often by becoming voracious in her needs. She’ll hate herself and then wonder why she’s unloved.


Beyond words, women seek validation of a man’s feelings through his actions. They like men who are not ashamed to show affection, even in public. Women enjoy having their hands held, to be kissed or hugged, or cuddled. This gives them a sense of being wanted by their man.


Let’s face it. There are probably more stories of men cheating on their women than women fooling around. If there’s one thing women are particularly inclined to look for in men, it’s their faithfulness. Women value commitment, so they put that much importance into a man who will stay loyal to them. Many relationships are super toxic with men cheating on their wives or girlfriends even after being in a relationship for a long time. The explosion of dating apps makes this possible and within easy reach.


Men who pursue women tend to always put their best foot forward but once their feelings are reciprocated, they tend to be complacent. After all, they already have their woman! On the other hand, women appreciate men who make a continuous effort to woo them and make them feel special even after they’ve been together for a long time.


Men are known to be commitment-phobes and women are quite the opposite. It is quite a struggle for the ladies to make their men commit after some time of dating. A man who knows when and how to commit to a woman will definitely be quite the catch among the ladies.

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A woman should be able to trust and depend on her man. He shouldn’t share intimate details of their relationship with his other male friends. More importantly, he should be the kind of man with whom she can open up and be vulnerable without fear of being taken advantage of.

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