How Men and Women View Money Differently In Dating?

The topic of money has always been somewhat a touchy topic amongst men and women in the dating world.

Money has been stigmatized as a non-topic when it comes to dating.

But the reality is, whether you like it or not, one’s finance does key in as a factor in your dating life. The difference though as to how you approach the topic lies on whether you are a man or a woman. Here’s a look at the opposing views of the opposite sexes.

The Women

Women, mostly throughout history, have been portrayed as the damsel in distress. And even in today’s society, such stigmatization and stereotyping can’t be missed. According to Pew Research in the US, in most couples, men contribute more of the income, and this aligns with the fact that Americans place a higher value on a man’s role as financial provider. Some women look to men as the ultimate provider and protector. That’s why some women often complain about dates going bad because the man didn’t pick up the tab or that he suggested they split the bill. Some women then do have the propensity to equate how men feel about them by the amount money they spend on them. ‘Why would he scrimp on me if he really likes me? Is money more important to him than me?’. Now, not all women are all like this. Modern day, strong, independent women no longer mind the adage ‘all is fair in love and war’. They don’t mind splitting the cheque or occasionally pay for a date altogether.

How Men and Women View Money Differently In Dating?

Men and women can view money differently, but in the dating world this can affect relationships.

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However, it cannot be ignored that most women favor men who can provide security for them, financially included. That is why we still see even old yet successful men being favored over the regular Mr. Nice Guy. Sometimes, being nice just isn’t enough. See what the Commonwealth Bank in their article A Fresh Perspective of Womens Financial Security has to say about the future of womens earning capabilities.

But what do men think?

The Men

Not that women are entirely the devil here, but the way people lived in the past plays an obsolete role in the present. Our society has evolved and continues to do so and the line that delineates men and women’s roles have become increasingly blurry over the past decades. Women strive for equality from men, so it is just but natural that men would strive for some equality from women right? And that includes the rules in dating.

If the roles were reversed, surely men don’t feel good where women don’t either. If they have a hefty paycheck, sure they might not mind so much paying all the time. Oftentimes, the confusion arises from the fact that men can be quite at a loss that paying or actually showing an initiative of wanting to pay is important to some women. Because it’s not important to them. Most men actually do not equate their feelings with how much money they spend or your feelings with how much money you spend on them. So equating love and money will most definitely not end up well for either of you. Besides, if the two of you genuinely like each other, then it doesn’t matter who pays for what just as long as you spend time together.

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