How To Move From Date To Soul Mate?

How To Move From Date To Soul Mate?

You’ve been seeing someone and there’s that undeniable feeling in the pit of your stomach that he could be the one.

You want to step up to the next level in your relationship but you have no way of finding out without having to talk about it.

While in some cases, dating naturally transitions into something more, in others it just isn’t so. Here are some tell tale signs he’s ready to have a serious relationship with you. Seventeen in their article 18 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate tells us that Love is the bomb. It’s an amazing feeling to be so happy and so comfortable with a person, especially when those feelings are reciprocated. But, how do you know if your significant other is the one, if they’re…your soulmate?

#1 Spending time with each other is a given.

You no longer check with each other’s schedule to have a ‘date’. It’s already a given that you spend most of your time together. Even weekend plans don’t have to be planned anymore. You both know it’s with each other anyway.

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#2 You’ve met his friends and family.

This is a dead give-away. Why else would he introduce you to the important people in his life if he isn’t planning on getting serious with you?

#3 You spend more time dating in than dating out.

You are totally up with the idea of just spending time in each other’s places watching movies or just hanging out. You both no longer feel the need to go out on formal dates as often as you used to.

#4 Sleeping together.

Not just sharing a bed together, but the first time you have sex can be the ultimate deal breaker. How you both act after the ‘act’ pretty much determines where your relationship is going. If you feel you’re both closer than before, then you’re definitely in a relationship with him. make sure you read the article by Glamour Great Person, Bad Sex. Is It a Deal-Breaker? 

The question is, what happens if your soul mates sex is not the best? We will leave this for later discussion but it’s something that should be in the back of your mind.

#5 You have little fights.

Courtship is all about putting your best foot forward. it’s all about being agreeable to each other. But when you suddenly find yourself having little arguments, then it means you’re both comfortable enough to express discontent or frustration with each other. When you make an effort to patch things up, you show you are committed enough not to just walk away.

#6 You’re comfortable in each other’s presence and act naturally.

You both still make an effort to both look your best, but the pressure to do so is not as pronounced as before. You laugh more loudly, smile more often, and talk more openly and honestly. Heck, some body functions are no longer foreign to either of you. You have also talked about everything from your exes to your fears and everything in between.

#7 It’s all in the body language.

Does he hold your hand a lot? Caress your back mindlessly? Kiss you goodnight without having to ask to? Do you both prefer to sit next to each other or does he put his arms over your shoulder unconsciously? Are you both more touchy with each other? Then you are most definitely a couple!

#8 You begin to talk about passions and goals.

Having similar interests and setting long-term goals are usually a necessity in order to transition from simple dating to having a meaningful relationship. You can’t be with somebody unless you’re both headed towards the same direction. When you begin to discuss the future, it’s when you really know you’re both in for the long haul.

#9 You’ve seen the worst, and you’re not walking away.

You have witnessed him throw a temper tantrum or he’s seen you completely drunk and puking your guts out. But you still like each other. You’re both a keeper for the other.

#10 You take care of each other.

You’ve seen each other sick, tired, crabby, and gross yet you feel compelled to look after one another. When you let someone see you that way or you are not turned off by seeing someone that way, it’s a definite sign things are getting serious.

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