Is It Ok To Date Your Boss?

It is an old age adage to never mix business with pleasure. Hence, never date someone from your workplace is what they say. Although dating people in power may seem like a very attractive notion, there are more cons than pros in this case. dating-your-boss-300x199

There’s no win-win situation.

Dating your boss puts you and your job in a vulnerable position. Worst part is, if the relationship doesn’t work out, chances are you will have to work together in a not so amiable environment. Dealing with the pressures at work is hard as it is and adding the stress of answering to someone with whom you’ve had a failed romantic affair with is a recipe for disaster. Your boss can even make your job difficult as a way to exact revenge on you.

The brand of favouritism.

In the upside that your dating relationship should blossom, people are bound to find out. And it can only spiral down from there. No matter how discrete the two of you may be, any success at work you may have will be associated as a result of your relationship with your boss. There goes the credit to your hard work out the window. It could turn some of your relationships with your colleagues sour. Although a little bit extreme, some coworkers may start getting jealous and sabotage you in your job.

Conflict of interests.

 Most companies have existing policies that inhibit coworkers from having a relationship with each other. Your personal interests may interfere with the best interests of your company. Say for example, should your boss put the company’s interest first before yours or your relationship; it can cause some serious friction between the two of you. Should the other way around happen, the same thing will result from it. You will be jeopardizing both of your careers.


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