Is your home date safe?

There are many things involved in prepping yourself for a date – deciding where to go, do you go for drinks before dinner or after dinner (or both and if so, where), what to wear, grooming, sprucing up.

Once you have yourself organised, do you give any thought to the state of your home should the opportunity present itself for you to take your date back to your place?

We are all judgmental creatures, even if we try everything in our power not to be! The theory of ‘judging someone based on their shoes’ has been around for years. Our fashion decisions whether we like it or not, reflect our personality. Our clothes are a way of showcasing who we are and the same applies to our homes. How we live and who we are is reflected in our interior, so some consideration should be put into our personal space (and I hate to say it, it is probably being judged more than your shoes are!).

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We are in tune and very reactive to our senses.

Here are some tips for getting your place date safe.

1. Sight

Your home doesn’t need to resemble a fancy furniture showroom, however, it should reflect you. Going to a little extra effort to create a home that looks and feels comfortable is very important. It’s the personal touches that count, like framed photos, art, cushions, a nice bedspread. If you think you may be playing host, be sure that your place is clean and tidy, hide the clutter and make sure the washing up is done.

2. Hearing

To avoid the awkwardness of silence when entertaining, have some music prepared. In this day and age of technology, most people have either a stereo or ipod/iphone dock.  If you want to be super organized, have a couple of playlists prepared so you have options depending on how the mood strikes you in the evening. If all else fails, put the radio on, but not the TV!

3. Taste

A host/ess with the most always has beverage options at the ready. Being able to offer a selection will score you major points and make your guest feel special. If you have recently started dating, you may not be in the know of your date’s drink preference. My suggestion is to have the following in stock: White wine (chilled), red wine, a 6 pack of beer and a bottle of mineral water. Don’t assume that your date wants to drink alcohol. It’s also a nice idea to have coffee and tea (black and herbal) in the pantry just in case. Don’t forget to also have fresh milk in the fridge. This may be a captain obvious statement, but I’ve heard of it happening…make sure your glasses and mugs are clean. Dirty glassware is a huge turnoff!

4. Touch

Humans are tactile beings and it’s another approach to impress your date. Nice glassware is an easy way, as are the home accessories on your lounge. Some soft cushions and a comfy throw rug casually draped on the arm or back of the lounge are lovely tactile items to add to your interior.

5. Smell

This is an important one! The smell is the first sense that people tap into when they first enter a room, even before sight.  The first way to combat this is to assure that your home is clean and fresh – dusted, vacuumed, clean surfaces (coffee table, kitchen benches etc) and MOST importantly, be sure that your bathroom is clean and well stocked with toilet paper, a clean hand towel and nice hand soap. They are small details, but very important ones. A warning on the candle subject: although lovely and romantic, they can be a bit cheesy and cliché. I wouldn’t recommend cracking out the candles the first time your date visits. Save them for the first time you invite them over for dinner. As an alternative, purchase some fragrance sticks that sit in oil (available at many homeware shops and department stores).

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