Learn to Trust Again in Your Love Life

Relationships are founded on mutual love and trust.

Without the other, a relationship would cease to exist.

It has been proven that love is not enough in a lasting relationship; there are other relevant components to a successful relationship, like trust.

Indeed, trust takes years to build but only seconds to break; what is unfortunate is it can be unrepairable. What destroys trust, then? It can be infidelity, heartbreak and other kind of betrayal.

When Your Trust Has Been Broken in a Relationship

In a relationship, when your trust has been broken, it is unthinkable to learn to trust again. You end up trying to mend a broken heart and the many other broken pieces of yourself. Who wouldn’t be? The person who is supposed to protect and love you has just betrayed you. And you resort not to trusting again, afraid to be repeatedly broken, a defence commonly used to protect oneself from being hurt all over again. Quora has a good feed article on this called: Why does trust take years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair?

But while you feel crushed and angry, the only thing that can make you really better is to accept the betrayal and, with time, to forgive. To be able to move on, you have to take a leap of faith and try to trust again. You have to remember that in this life, we are meant to move forward and not be stuck on our heartbreaks.

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Learn to Trust Again for Yourself

Yes, you should learn to trust again, not only for your potential partner but most importantly for yourself. We have all been there before, maybe to a different extent and experience, but imagine your life filled with bitterness and doubt. Do not detach yourself from the world. Go out and try to trust again with these practical steps:

1. Time heals all wounds

This may sound a cliché, but it is true. With time comes healing, and with time comes better days. Do not jump into another relationship without giving yourself time to heal. You are hurt, you are broken, you are mad, feel everything, you want to cry, then cry. Allow yourself to think things through. The most authentic way to fully move on is to be able to experience the heartbreak and not cover it with other temporary relationships.

2. Meet new people

This is the best time to meet new people and make friends. Perhaps when you are ready, date casually to have fun and enjoy other people’s company. Or better yet, spend time with your family.

3. Take it easy

You have just been hurt; take it easy on yourself. If you have found someone interesting, explain to him that it may take time for you to open yourself once again. Be patient with your healing and allow yourself to trust again, especially allow someone to earn your trust.

4. Share your story

To make a potential partner understand your situation, you must tell your story. It is important that you communicate about your fears and expectations.

5. Be fair

Remember that it would be unfair to compare your present to your past. That is why it is very important to fully heal before you go into another serious relationship to avoid bringing your past hurts with you, which can affect your relationship.

 6. Be positive

Trusting again will not be easy, but it is the only thing left to do to move on. Consider your happiness and your self-worth. Always be positive about everything; it can make your situation easier, with fewer burdens and fewer worries. You are worth to be happy again.

So, learn to trust again. If you continue to have some difficulties and would like some free advice, register with Blue Label Life for a free session with a dating expert and learn to trust again!

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