Psychologist Jo Lamble says
To tell your actor partner that they are not allowed to do any on-screen love scenes is like telling a gynaecologist that they can?t do any internal examinations ? it?s part of the job. If the idea of your partner doing a love scene is too distressing, then that may well be a deal-breaker because the jealousy and insecurity will tear the relationship apart. But on-screen love can defi nitely remain platonic. It would be uncomfortable to watch your partner doing a love scene, and that?s why it?s important that a lot of empathy is shown for the uneasy partner. But the reassurance should not be excessive since that increases insecurity. As with any couple, the closer you are and the more supportive of each other, the easier it is to cope with your partner?s work ? whatever that may involve. It?s often good for the partner and on-screen lover to meet because our imaginations can be very dangerous ? picturing Brad Pitt running o with Angelina Jolie can trigger serious self-doubt! ? but when we spend time with the person we are jealous of, our feelings often change.
it?s a career choice
It?s not OK for actors to hook up with other actors on or o screen if they are married or in a relationship. Don?t values of integrity, love and trust apply to everyone? Acting is pretending, but the unconscious mind doesn?t know the di erence between pretend and reality. To keep it professional, it?s vital for the actor to keep in check and remind themselves that it is just another day at work and not get caught up in the story. As the love scenes play out, love chemicals are released ? dopamine and oxytocin ? so naturally actors fall in love. Studies have found that eye contact for as little as two minutes can trigger romance and there?s a whole lot more going on during a love scene. Clear boundaries need to be set for a relationship to survive a

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