The Power of Positive Thinking and Attracting What you Want!

Positivity always trumps negativity. When people are faced with stressful situations, they are always advised to “Think positive thoughts”.

But how can positive thinking really affect the different aspects of your life? How can something as immaterial as a thought invoke so much power over your life?

Here are some ways that you could harness the power of positive thinking to impact the different facets of your life.

In Your Career

Climbing up your career ladder banks mostly on your level of self-esteem and the belief that you can make it according to Forbes. They also go on to say that so many successful people credit their sense of self and their confidence to their success. No matter how much you want to speed off on the highway of career advancement, your negative thinking will be the break that keeps you from achieving your goals. Positive thinking allows you to aspire. Your aspiration turns into plans, your plans into actions, and your actions into results. When you set a certain level of expectation for yourself, you work hard to attain or even exceed those. However, when you have plenty of doubts and fears, you begin to underperform because you’ve set lower expectations for yourself. You no longer see the point in exerting effort in order to achieve the best results in your career. The Mayo Clinic has a great article about ways to improve your self-esteem which you can read here.

In Your Social Life

Your interactions and relationships with other people are primarily driven by how you see yourself. Having a negative self-concept often leads to self-sabotage. Your own idea of your worthiness, along with your insecurities, limits your ability to reach out to people and form meaningful relationships. You will find it hard to create the kinds of friendships and dating relationships you desire. Low self-esteem further feeds your habit of slacking off and not always putting your best foot forward—you shy away from any social circumstance because you don’t feel good about yourself. But when you learn to see yourself in a more positive light, then you begin to have that inner confidence that will help you in enriching your social life. That confidence will soon translate to a happier disposition and people are attracted to anything that exudes positivity.

In Your Personal Life

Having doubts and fears is natural, but if they creep in and overwhelm your entire being to the point where it becomes crippling, then those doubts and fears can be very unhealthy. When you become your biggest critic, you will find it hard to achieve any kind of sustained success in any area of your life. When you constantly tag yourself as worthless or helpless, then you become so. Your daily conversations with yourself should be generally devoid of discouraging phrases—you have to be your biggest encourager. Change your frame of mind to fit that one of positivity.

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As they say, it’s always mind over matter—it’s about choosing your way of thinking that can best benefit your life. You don’t have to completely ignore reality and live above the clouds because a little reality check is helpful in keeping you grounded and rational sometimes. However, thinking positive thoughts is not a switch you just turn on. It takes some practice to really make it a habit. Eventually, you will see yourself as a happy, competent, passionate, and genuinely contented individual

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