Too shy to date? A dating agency can help you

Most of the singles in Australia are either about to use an online dating app or they are already well on their way to dating someone. Perhaps they are serial daters bouncing from one person to the next.

But what happens if your too shy or perhaps a tad too introverted to paste your photo all over Tinder, eHarmony or Bumble? What happens if you are too nervous to take that first step in meeting someone or chatting with a complete stranger online? This is a terrible conundrum for someone who is single and who is keen to meet their partner.

What do shy people who want to find a partner do?

What happens if they are too shy to go to the pub or a bar and make the first move? Or, their social circles are far too small that the prospect of meeting someone is almost zero.

This is where a dating agency can help those shy, timid & bashful singles out there.

If all this sounds too familiar and your starting to think that the chances of you falling in love and meeting your partner will never happen then please what ever you do; don’t fret or stress about it too much as there is a solution. This is called a dating agency.

For those shy people who have never heard of a dating agency or have never thought of using one Let me explain to you what we do.

A dating agency or dating service is a business that acts as a matchmaker between two people with a definite view towards a monogamous relationship or marriage. Essentially, they do all the hard work on you’re behalf in looking for a partner. There is a fee involved as you have to pay for this matchmaking service.

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Matchmakers have been around for centuries and at their core the formula hasn’t changed too much. Their job description is too go through their database of eligible singles that you might like and who might fit your profile.

So, for example if you’re into computers their role would be to find someone who shares your interests as well. If you’re a sporty type the same applies. They will look for someone whose into running, swimming, cycling etc.

First date nerves

Most shy people think that going on a first date is absolute hell and they will do absolutely anything to avoid a situation like this. This is why there are so many shy singles in Australia.

It’s those first date nerves and the stress associated with meeting a starnger for the first time. Even for seasoned daters who have been hanging on Tinder for years a first date can get those butterflies going. Just imagine how it is for those poor buggers who are dating novices. It must be hell for them. The prospect of going on a date must be a nightmare.

Thoughts like : will he or she like me,  what are we going to talk about and what happens if I start panicking? These are all rationale thoughts shy people have to contend with.

This is where the dating agency steps in to help calm those first date nerves. At Blue Label Life we coach you and provide the moral support and coaching you need to get past you’re first date and what’s even better you’ll end up probably having a good time.

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The reason for this is you get to see the profile of the person you are about to date and their photo. Plus, we will only match you with someone who shares you’re interest and values. This is a big step in nullifying those nerves as you are going to meet someone who you have seen and someone who has the same interests as you.

If you are reading this and are still not convinced that you can go through with this, then Robyn (our head matchmaker) will be able to coach you through those first date nerves and set out a clear guideline of steps you need to follow in order to make that first date a success.

In other words she will be part of you’re journey in finding a partner and be there with you the whole way.

For shy people this is the ultimate solution in helping you find a life long partner. The worst thing you can do is put you’re love life of the back shelf and think it’s all too hard and that you’re too shy to move forward with this. Remember, this is what we do and we are experts at it.

robyn nind - professional matchmaker

Robyn Nind is a dating coach and matchmaker at Blue Label Life. Robyn has helped countless singles find love and a partner.

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