Top 7 Summer Time Activities to Increase Your Chances of Finding love. (If you want to find love in 2015 you must start doing these things)

Can you believe it in 5 days we will be halfway through January!! Time flies doesn’t it?

If you’re like most singles finding love is a top priority especially when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions.

Maybe you’re thinking, it’s time to put an end to dinner for one, and the nights out aren’t as fun as they used to be?

Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to have someone to plan weekends away with or even better a future with?

Maybe you’re thinking time to put the cat out (metaphorically speaking of course), and make room for that special someone?

finding love

Human are deeply seeded to love and be loved. It is true, everybody needs love and wants love, yes even the grumpy ones.

Which reminds me of one of my favourite sayings, “People that are hardest to love need it the most”, that’s a whole different story..

Let’s get back to how you can increase your chances of finding love right now before another year slips by.

We all know activity breeds success and to increase your chances of finding love it’s all about taking action. Here we go!

  1. Get out and about. Summer, it’s the perfect time of year to get out and about, expand your wings and get amongst it.
  2. Get Active. Naturally being warmer your will be showing more skin so make sure you look and feel good. Tone up at the gym, joining a class is with perfect way to get on mingling.
  3. Get a new hairstyle. Yes I said it. Women glam up get a blow day. Men a good George Clooney cut always works a treat. Sexy hair means, more attention.
  4. Hit the Beach! The weather is perfect and everyone is down there, make sure you slip slop slap you want to protect that skin of yours.
  5. Get to the festivals. It’s time to get out and have fun! Make the most of it spend time in the outdoors.
  6. Get rid of the past baggage. After you’ve had a few relationships more than likely you will be carrying excess emotional baggage. Now is the time to get rid of it and make room for someone new. Try specialised relationship coaching to help offload. Blue Label Life offers free online coaching programs and consultations to those of you who are interested.
  7. Get a wing man or wing woman, yes I said it your own professional matchmaker. Just like a trusted friend will take care of your needs for you, help you look and feel your best and get you connected with the most eligible singles on the market.

It’s 2015 and if your goal is to find love you have to take action and make it happen.

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Written By Robyn Nind.


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