Valentine’s Day Ideas

Whether it’s your first time to celebrate Valentines or you’ve been together for a long time, here are a few date ideas to spice things up!

Valentine's Day Ideas

Spice things up on Valentines Day with these helpful tips from Robyn

Treasure Hunt

Surprise your partner with something out of the box. Write a series of clues and hide them in different places until you reach the climax of the hunt—maybe a date in your favorite restaurant or a simple wine and chocolates on the rooftop. Whatever it is, a treasure hunt is surely something you’ll both remember and enjoy.

Relive your first date.

Nothing hits the romantic spot like nostalgia. Take your partner back to the first time you ever went out on a date. If you’re a guy, doing so would make your woman love you even more for remembering details of your past.

Do something physical.

By physical, we don’t mean that thing you do in the bedroom. Do something that’ll amp up your adrenaline and make your heart beat faster. It’ll surely take away the boredom from your usual dinner dates and will definitely make you feel like your heart is skipping a beat with your loved one!

Go on a spa treatment for two.

If you can’t give a decent full body massage, go ahead and reserve a double massage for you and your partner. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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Complete a DIY project in a day.

If you’ve been planning to paint the dining room walls or put up a shelf, whatever it is, DIY projects make for a great bonding activity. Besides, you’ll be able to accomplish something that will serve as a reminder of the good time you shared on Valentines.

Learn something new.

Book a class where you can learn something new. Why not join a one-day course on cooking, or making chocolates, or wine tasting, or whatever tickles both of your interests. You’ll have lots of fun while learning a new skill.

Have a night in and cook a nice dinner.

Sure, it may sound like a cliché. But maybe you can improve the atmosphere by doing a theme. Do an African safari theme or Asian adventure and cook new dishes inspired by your theme. It may be a tad kitchy but the whole experience is very bonding, especially on Valentines Day.

Have a staycation.

This is where you book a hotel room. It’s a great time to get away without the hassles of travel. Plus, you get to spice up your relationship and enjoy a luxurious experience without lifting a finger—you can just spend all your time pleasuring each other!

Travel together.

If you are the type who loves seeing new places, the time around Valentines is perfect to visit romantic places nearby or far away. It can be a bed and breakfast joint just outside the city limits or you may both fly to the city of love in Paris and enjoy the picturesque scene everywhere enough to inspire the love you and your partner have for each other. You might even like to plan ahead and look at going overseas and staying in a romantic luxury hotel in Bali.

Make love like you never had before.

Maybe it’s time to learn new tricks and play it up in the bedroom. Surprise your partner with something new to pleasure him or her and it’ll definitely be a great Valentines day treat. Cosmopolitan has a great artilce called 40 Male Arousal Spots You Should Definitely Know About which is well worth a read pre Valentines Day.

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