What to Expect When Dating a Single Dad

So you’ve met the man of your dreams… but he has a kid or maybe, kids!

Dating a single dad can be quite a challenge, the main issue being the existing competition for attention between you and your children.

But having a nurturing relationship with a single father can also be rewarding. Despite it being a tricky business, here are a few reminders to help you build a relationship with a single dad.

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Think of it as BONUS baggage

 Whether he’s divorced or a widower, never think that he has too much baggage. This man has committed to marriage once before, which means that he has the level of maturity to engage in a lifetime partnership. And if he has kids, he’s definitely into you for the long run because chances are; he’d want a long-term partner. The Good Men Project tells us that he wants to believe that you will eventually love them as if they were your own kids.

He gets it

Because his time is most likely spent taking care of his children, he understands the stress of devoting time to things and people that really matter. He’d understand why you could be busy and wouldn’t pressure you to make him his number one priority when other important matters are at play. Surveys have also shown that single dads are more sensitive to women, making them more aware of how to treat women especially if they have female children.

They develop the best qualities you could possibly want in a guy

Raising a family has taught him how to be patient, understanding, unselfish, adaptive, gentle, and encouraging. He aims to be a role model to his kids so he has the tendency to take the high road. He is caring and loving and aims to create a safe and protective environment for their loved ones, including you. Having dependent children has also helped him to “grow up” and become emotionally mature. If he is consistent with taking care of his children, he will also have developed staying power, which can be helpful in your newfound relationship.

He’s looking for a good woman

If he chose to date you, take it as a compliment. In his situation, he’s looking for someone who is not only good for him but his children as well. He values character and commitment over shallower qualities; therefore you are definitely a catch in his eyes! Plus, if he introduces you to his kids, it would mean that you’ve made the cut and he’s definitely serious about your relationship.

He has skills

Dads in general are quite handy. They can fix and build almost anything. They are also playful and have a great sense of humour. They can also have great people skills, having been borne out of having to deal with various life situations. They can be easily adapt to any situation.

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