What’s Blocking you from Love?

Not meeting the right one and wondering why?

If you are really ready to receive more love in your life then you MUST read on!

We all want love in our life, it’s a basic human core need, then why is something so simple difficult to attain?

The truth is that you may not even know that your actions could be pushing out and blocking the very love that you’re my heart and soul craves. Why? Because you could be subconsciously scared to death of letting in someone new and potentially getting hurt.

You could have an emergency red-alert system that when a person gets too close, huge walls come up, that no man or woman can breach. And if a person comes dangerously close to penetrating the deep layers of protection you have spent years building up around your heart to keep away any chance of being hurt you shut off, quickly and you don’t even know it. It’s your natural instinct.

I had a great conversation with Sandy Newbigging founder of the Mind Detox Method last week on some of the common blocks that keep people from finding Love. He suggested there are three main areas to address.

1) You must find Love in yourself.

You hear this time and time again but it’s true you can’t expect someone to love you if you do not love yourself.  What aspects of yourself may you be hiding in your shadow? To truly find love within yourself give you the opportunity to self soothe, to know that it’s ok, you don’t need anyone to make you happy, instead, you want someone to complement and enrich your life. Plus you need to let go of self-doubt and be empowered. Find that strength and you can be the person that’s ready to reach out and meet someone special.

2) Be aware of the judgment game.

Is judging others really serving you? Can you really tell attraction from a picture? Is a person’s occupation an important factor in your connection?  Also how much do you judge yourself? It is said perception is projection. Often judging others is a sign you are judging yourself.

3) Get peace with your past relationships.

Is there a breakup you have not made peace with that is unconsciously blocking you? This is a biggie. Just because someone in the past broke your heart doesn’t mean the new person will do the same. Maybe instead of viewing your past relationships as painful, you could view them differently. Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning we give it.

Maybe just maybe you were meant to have that past relationship experience a little pain to grow and allow space for something even bigger, better. More than you could ever imagine! Sound good?

So make it happen for you today.

Get peace with your relationship you have ever had a relationship, now that doesn’t mean you need to call everyone it just means accepting your situation and having positive thoughts about the experience.

It is especially important to heal the relationship you have with your parents. I remember hearing a speaker at a seminar once say; until you heal your relationship with your parents you will struggle in all future relationships.

I think there are few who could argue against this. The last time I checked at 18 we become legal adult yet many of us want to remain children when it comes to blaming our parents for our relationship problems. The blame game really takes away your power to live the life you want and isn’t worth it.  Taking responsibility for your life, your feelings, your emotions puts you in the driver seat, you drive your own bus to the destination of your dreams! I bet you like the sound of that.

Remember everyone has baggage, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Clearing these blocks is takes time, it takes practice and patience but once you acknowledge them you will come leaps and bounds to getting closer to finding the love you deserve. That sounds like a very good deal to me.

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