Why People Fall In Love?

How often have you heard people express “I love you from the bottom of my heart” or “I love you will all my heart”? Why is love first and foremost associated with this body organ? Does love really have anything to do with the mass of muscle that pumps blood all throughout your body? If you think yes, then there’s something you have to understand about how your body works to give you that feeling of being over the moon and infatuated with someone you consider special. pic 1

What is love, really?

Love is often defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. Love has many facets, but love when defined in the context of human beings is the feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. It is a form of attraction that includes sexual desire. It is felt by people who have a romantic relationship. But how do we come to ‘feel’ love? Why is it such a euphoric feeling that we want to stay in that state for a long time? Why do people yearn for it? Why is there a widespread affliction in human nature to love and be loved in return?

Why do people fall in love?

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and well-known researcher from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, romantic love is the result of an evolution in three of the basic brain systems involved in reproduction. These included the sex drive, romantic love, and attachment. Human beings evolved to develop the sex drive, which leads them to look for partners to copulate with and maintain their existence. Romantic love evolved to allow people to seek out and focus their energy on just one person to pave way for conservation of time and energy. Lastly, attachment evolved to help couples stay together long enough to raise their children.

Love, initially, was nothing more than the force that brings people together to keep the Earth populated. Eventually, as evolution kicked in, it became more specialized. It no longer served its sole purpose in the survival of the human race. It has become this strong, intense emotion that promotes immense well-being and is often described as the greatest emotion one could ever feel. No wonder everyone is looking for it!

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