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Most of us have used online dating apps such as Tinder & Bumble but not many have used a professional dating service. For those baby boomers and Gen X the thought of using an app to find love or meet someone special has been a foreign concept up until about 5-7 years ago when the likes or the online dating world exploded on the app scene.

Everyone was suddenly on their iPhones signing up to Tinder & posting their profile and swiping left and right till their fingers hurt. It has now become the norm. If you take a random group of strangers who are all single you could put money on it that a good percentage of these people would have some form of dating app or meet up on their phone. And, this doesn’t stop there, they’ll have 2 or 3 dating apps going at the same time and be meeting a number of people and have relationships on the go simultaneously.

This is what online dating is all about and for a good majority of the people it works really well. But, with all the upside of this there has to obviously, be a downside. Its: time consuming, full of fake profiles, littered with game players, is packed with guys and gals looking for extra marital affairs, can get quick costly, is highly addictive, delivers a poor return on your time investment and full of unrealistic expectations.

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How are you meant to meet someone here when there are so many options beckoning you to keep on swiping. The search is endless and the supply is constant. Just like a junkie your never satisfied with the last hit. You need to keep on going on more dates to fulfil the online dating desire. When everything is so easy and at your finger tips, the temptation to become a player is often far too hard to resist.

This is where a dating service fills the gap nicely. Well you might ask why would I need a dating service when I can get exactly what I want online, faster, quicker, cheaper and more often. Well the answer is simple and it’s all about exclusivity and getting the help of someone who is entrenched in the dating world and deals with people daily.


Dating Services Sydney & Melbourne





So I guess we should answer the question:

What is a dating service?

It’s a service for single men and women who do not want to go online to find a partner. Often refereed to as a matchmaker or introduction agency a dating service caters for people who:

– are time poor and want a professional to help them find a partner

– do not want to have their photos splashed all over the internet. They may be high profile individuals seeking a discreet way to meet someone or are in a position of power and are looking to match with someone who is their equal (and need the services of a dating agency to essentially headhunt the right single candidate) – this may sound like a job interview or a corporate headhunting exercise but in reality it sort of is when your at that executive level.

– are fed up with game players & people looking for hook ups on apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge etc

– have just come out of a relationship or marriage and are unfamiliar with the new dating landscape / terrain and need a professional dating service to help them find someone. It can be a highly stressful and nerve-racking experience going on a date and making small talk especially if you’ve been in a long term relationship and this is where a dating help is so needed. Singles over 50 are definitely in this category.

With so many people using dating apps there are obviously many casualties and broken hearts and this has led to the rise and popularity of dating services throughout Australia, especially in major capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne where time poor, busy single executives who have the money to spend on a dating service.

If they are prepared to pay for the services and experience of a matchmaker who has an established database of like-minded singles; then why not use them?

After all, isn’t it better to meet someone on your precious weekend time that’s been fully screened and on the same page as you when it comes to finding love? It cuts out so much clutter, disappointments, and false expectations. Just think about how many people lie about their age online and just imagine starting a relationships based on a lie. A dating agency eliminates all these falsities.

If you are in Sydney or Melbourne and are keen on organising a meeting with a dating service that’s been around for over a decade then call Robyn at Blue Label Life for an appointment that could change everything in your life or simply fill out the inquiry form.

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