Executive dating service

Blue Label Life’s Executive Dating Service is especially formulated those who want achieve success in their love lives.

At Blue Label Life we understand as a busy executive time is your most precious resource and that you want results in your personal life that match your career success.

Our executive dating service takes into account your personal needs, desires and other essential dynamics important to you.

What to expect with Blue Label Life’s executive dating service?

We meet with you face to face; this confidential meeting is all about you! It’s your opportunity to voice what is you are looking for in a person, your most important qualities you seek in a partner, the values most important to you and ultimately your long-term goals in a relationship.

During this face to face meeting is our opportunity to get to know you, find out what makes you tick, your absolute priorities and to show you how we can help you dreams become a reality with our executive dating service.

We also show you how our compatibility testing system works looking at the 50 factors most important in a happy passionate relationship and offer you the opportunity to view who is most compatible with you along with a sample profile.

We also can identify your relationship and behavioural patter

Our professional matchmakers use their expertise combined with intuition and our matchmaking tools to help you achieve the results in your personal life to match your professional life.

Our Executive Dating Service is for those who want results!

If you are not ready to meet someone amazing, than this service is not for you!

At Blue Label Life we like to partner with you on your search for that incredible special someone. We only take on clients who are genuine, who want to life a rich and fulfilling life. A life with passion, fun, adventure and connection with someone that makes their heart skip a beat.

Our executive dating service works for those who have an open heart and are committed to getting that balance in their lives that money can’t buy.

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