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  • Scientifically Proven: Created in 2010 by relationship expert and matchmaker  Samantha Jayne, in conjunction with Australia’s leading relationship psychologists.
  • Predict's relationship happiness - Birds of a feather flock together, for a relationship to last and be fulfilling couples must have similar values, interests, and goals. Opposites don't attract in the longterm! ?
  • The RR ask's the awkward questions you never get round to discussing: Questions like: 
    • “Do I want a family, and if so, when can I envisage myself having children?”,              - "Spending habits and financial goals and views of money"  
    • - Lifestyle factors  such as smoking, drinking, exercise even preferences in TV programs, music, reading and travel.   
    • - Views on fidelity, trust and politics.
    • Learn the top 50 factors that contribute to the breakdown of relationships and how you can avoid them: We'll look at any attitudes, values and behaviours that contribute to the breakdown of long and short term relationships.

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    The Relationship Radar The Secret To Lasting Love:
      Higher Relationship Radar compatibility has been proven to give those people a better chance of long-term relationship success.
      • Happily married couples have higher Relationship Radar scores than those whose relationships weren’t so satisfactory.
      • Couples who shared the same view on family values  and financial goals are eight times as likely to be happy than couples with different views.
      • Couples who share the same attitude toward travel are almost four times happier than those who don't have the same view.
      • Women married to men who share the same view on household chores as themselves are three times more likely to express happiness with their marriage.
      • Men’s satisfaction does not appear to be affected by whether or not their wife has a different career path, men are attracted to women in touch with their feminine side.