How To Date After Being Hurt?

Key Points To Starting With A Clean Slate

            Learn to focus. Too often, when asked about dating strategies, singles are dumbfounded. Do you really need to have one? Yes, especially if your last one didn’t end on a good note. You have trust issues and Dating After being Hurtinsecurities. People who are successful in their endeavors are those who approach their lives with focus. You need to set goals for yourself and establish what you truly want to achieve. You already know what didn’t work out for you, so quit making the same mistake again. In your mind, define who you would like to meet and how you can increase your chances of meeting that person. Work on being the kind of person who’ll attract the kind that you want and review your options that will give you the best possibility of finding that person.

Forgive yourself and your past. Throw away your “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” soundtrack. Repeating the same mistakes yield the same results. You have to find another way around it if you truly want to change your circumstances. You cannot change who you’ve been in the past and what happened to you, but you have the capacity to change who you are now and who you will become. So instead of spending time overanalyzing your past that can’t be rewound, look forward to the future and all the exciting possibilities that you can possibly have.

Let go and move on. Never allow your past to have the power over your future. Stop comparing your current date with your ex. You cannot make your current relationship work by hoping to emulate the one that didn’t. It’s like hitting your head with the same hammer over and over again, thinking that you’ll get numb eventually. Guess what, it will still hurt every single time. So throw away the hammer and give yourself a rest.

Acknowledge accountability. In your past failed relationships, you might be quick to blame your ex. But you have to examine yourself too. What could you have done differently? Was there anything wrong on your part? Do you need certain adjustments in your attitude? You are not perfect and neither is your life. Accept responsibility and work towards becoming the best possible version of yourself. You attract what you put out there, so be your best if you want to snag the same from the rest.

Love and accept who you are. In order to truly love another person, you have to learn to love yourself first. You cannot begin to share and give love if you do not have it on your own. Take the opportunity of being single as a chance to nurture yourself. Do things that you are passionate about and make you happy. Do not collect holes and wait for the right person to come along and fix it for you. Fill your own void and allow people to experience the whole you.

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