The Impact of Social Media On Modern Dating

Attention Professional Singles Out There Using Social Media! Do You Know The Impact Of Social Media On Modern Dating?

We are in the age of social media blending in with dating.

Almost everybody around the world with an Internet connection has their own social media accounts to connect to billions of other people halfway around the world. With just a push of a button or a single swipe, you can call/chat/text a friend from miles away with ease.

Not only that, we can now instantly transfer information from source to receiver, not unlike in the olden days when we needed to wait days or weeks to find out if Molly had a baby boy or girl. With various programs or gadgets nowadays, we can interact with just about anybody from miles away. Is this really all too great? What is the real impact of social media on modern dating? According to Statista, As of February 2022, approximately 82.7 per cent of the Australian population were active users compared to just 58 per cent in 2015. This is a huge number of Australians jumping on these social media platforms daily, including dating Apps.

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It really depends. A lot of people believe that social media causes the world to lose the personal touch of every interaction. I mean, sure, we get to talk to one person through the Internet and you can consider it to be a “face-to-face” conversation but it loses the personal feel of being in a conversation. What I’ve noticed over the years is that social media is having a huge impact on our relationships. It seems we are talking to more people than ever, yet I’m noticing that the art of connection seems to have been lost.  People are lonelier than ever as they stare at their smartphones.

Social media is causing a huge problem with professional singles nowadays. Social media has a huge impact on modern-day dating.  Professional singles who use social media and various gadgets on a daily basis. They connect with clients, bosses, friends, and family through these methods.   Billions of conversations are happening right his very moment, yet connection, real physical connections re not being made. It’s almost like eye contact or the sound of someone’s voice is a thing of the past.

Too much social media is unhealthy for love, connection, and establishing relationships. It results in a person losing touch with the real world and just relying on the Internet, waiting for that next ping!

The problem is that the new connections you create (like future partners and dates) are not as “personal” as they used to be. Before, you would meet somebody in a coffee shop, out and about, at work, or even on public transport, talk a while, share a few laughs, exchange contact information, date, meet up, and spend time as a couple. Nowadays, you’re considered a weirdo to talk to a stranger. And, the addiction to social media is having a profound impact on our society alienating more people. Even worse is using your mobile on a date to be active on your social media, a dating deal breaker.

So the other option is to connect with somebody through a social media platform; you meet up, talk via text or cyber message, and still feel like you know the person only you haven’t met them in the flesh. This is because most of the interactions you have are spent online and not on a personal basis.  Since only 7 % of communication is made up of words, the rest is made up of body language, which makes up 55% of communication, and 38% of communication is 38%, so you can imagine just how much information is lost in cyberspace. How much connection is lost, and how much can your imagination fabricate a potential relationship and connection with a person prior to meeting them?

This is why most professional singles still opt for the tried-and-tested traditional method of meeting new people—the kind where you can really see the twinkle in the person’s eye when they laugh at the joke you borrowed from your grandfather. It may not seem much to a lot of people, but for people who spend a lot of their time online, talking to somebody new in person is a breath of fresh air.

This is the aim of modern-day matchmaking services: to bring traditional dating methods back without having to bother yourself with all the nuances they bring. Let’s admit it: We don’t have all the time in the world to search for and qualify somebody.

Most matchmaking services willingly do all of these things for you. They will look for the best partner for you based on your interests, values, and even your priorities in life. This means you will really meet somebody who is pretty much on the same wavelength as you. Now, who doesn’t want that?

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